June 15, 2018 in Nikolaev the Festival of Jesus began

Nina had a dimout in her left eye, but after the prayer it disappeared. Also she had pain in her left arm, but she felt fire and then the pain has gone. 11-year-old Illya had bad sight for the last two years, but after the prayer he can see better and now he can discern people’s faces aroundOlexandr had pain in the joint of his arm, but the pain has gone! 7 years ago Lidia had a stroke and for this reason her left arm and leg was weaken, but after the prayer she is able to put her arm up, to bend her knee and she feels strength in her body.Svitlana had pain in her left knee and she couldn't do squats, but after the prayer she can do it. 80-year-old Tetyana Semenivna 1.5 year ago hurt her back. After the prayer the pain in her back has gone and also she feels that her memory and bladder are recovered. 16-year-old Arthur had asthma from the time he was two, it was hard for him to breathe, but after the prayer he admitted that God gave him clear breathing.Prayer for healing and miraclesPrayer for healing and miraclesIn expectation of the miracles of GodPrayer for healing and miraclesDozens of people responded to the altar call and received ChristPastor Henry Madava: «The Words of Jesus are alive, both 2000 years ago and today!» People listened to every word of Pastor Henry’s sermonPastor Henry Madava: «Let Jesus enter your heart!»Deaf and dumb people had a chance to hear the Good NewsPastor Henry Madava welcomes visitors of Jesus Festival in MykolaivThe word about offeringThe introduction about Christ for All Cities MinistriesEvery person came with faith, believing that God will do something special today!The atmosphere of worship and the presence of GodFiery praise of JesusMany people were gathered on the stadium in Peremohy Park

Jesus Festival in Mykolaiv commenced with massive preparation. The team of evangelists from Christ for all Cities Ministries and churches of Mykolaiv preached to inhabitants of the city about Christ, bringing the Good News and inviting people to the Festival. During street evangelism about 1800 people received Jesus! Praise God! 

Posters and billboards on the streets, information boards and public transport also contained invitation for people to come to the night of healing and miracles. Jesus Festival was also advertised in social medias and other internet resources.
Finally, on the 15th of June on the stadium in Peremohy park of Mykolaiv the service of Jesus Festival began and it was broadcasted online on the website of Christ for all Cities Ministries. 
Organizing committee coordinator Andrii Polishchuk opened the service of the Festival and then a lot of songs, music and dances for Jesus followed. Praise and worship team ignited the fire of praise and joy in people’s hearts. Victoria Aaronova and Volodymyr Goncharenko performed beautiful songs and shared wonderful healing testimonies happened in their life and in the lives of their loved ones.

God is supernatural and almighty! He is able to perform a miracle in every life! 

- Glorify Your name in all the earth! – all the present sang in unity. The atmosphere in the stadium began to change: the precious presence of God has become more intense and deeper. Because Jesus Christ came to heal, to save and to deliver! 
- Lord, reveal Your glory to Mykolaiv and let no one leave this place without a miracle! – President of Christ for all Cities Ministries and Pastor Henry Madava prayed when he appeared on the platform. – God has a great plans for this city, so be ready! 
The title of Pastor’s sermon was Let Jesus Enter Your Home, as exemplified by Jairus that it is very important to call Jesus to your home and let Him to bring everything in order and not only in your circumstances, but also in your heart. 

- God never leaves you alone in your tragedy! Your circumstances do not cancel the truth of the Word of God, for this reason do not cancel your trust toward God because of your circumstances! – pastor Henry preached eagerly – There is life in Jesus Christ and blessings for the city of Mykolaiv! 
Start your new life with the Lord today! Don’t lose your opportunity to reconcile with God and to make a landmark decision in your life! 
Pastor made an altar call. Many people came to the platform to give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. Praise be unto God!

At the end of the service Pastor Henry prayed for healing. He commanded all sicknesses and slavery to leave, declared the life of God, the power and restoration for every person. People received the touch of God and were delivered from the bondage of sin, suffering and pain. Many testimonies followed by the prayer as confirmation of God’s manifestation! 
11-year-old Illya had a bad sight during two years, but after the prayer he began to see better and could clearly see people’s faces around.

Lyudmyla had pain in her joints for 20 years and she couldn’t bend her right knee. Also she had an abnormal heart rate. After the prayer her heart rate become normal and she was able to bend her knee.

16-year-old Arthur had asthma from the time he was two, it was hard for him to breathe, but after the prayer he testified and said that God gave him a clear breathing.

Galyna couldn’t hear from her birth, but during the prayer she felt heat in her ears and then she could hear music and people’s voices.

Praise be to Jesus for all these miracles! They’ll continue tomorrow!

Thank you all partners of Christ for all Cities Ministries for your prayers and financial support!