President and founder of the ministry

The president and founder of Christ for All Cities Ministries is Pastor Henry Madava. He is also the founder and pastor of the Victory Christian Church in Kyiv (Ukraine) and the Senior Pastor of the Victory Christian Churches in Ukraine and worldwide. Pastor Henry is married and has three children: two sons and a daughter.

President and founder of the ministry

Henry Madava was born in Zimbabwe. In 1986 he came to the Soviet Union to study at the Kyiv Institute of Civil Aviation and Engineering. But feeling the call from God, he dedicated his life to ministering to people. Upon graduating the institute, Henry Madava founded the Victory Christian Church in the city of Kyiv at the end of 1992. Some time later he also founded the Christ for All Cities Ministries.

Pastor Henry Madava’s mission is to help people to find salvation through the faith in Jesus Christ and to become whole to live the full-fledged life in society. That is why Pastor Henry is laboring in God’s fields, teaching and preaching God’s truth not only in Ukraine but also around the world. His consistent and clear explanation of the Word of God makes his teachings easy to understand for everyone. His services are always accompanied by wonderful healings from serious diseases and deliverances, people in depression find joy. These miraculous changes testify about God’s power and His love!

Pastor Henry is a world-renowned preacher and speaker at many conferences. He has preached the Word of God in more than 50 countries. Being one of the prominent Christian leaders in Ukraine, Pastor Henry Madava is eager to see a revival that would spread all over Ukraine and the whole world. The Victory Christian Church, which is led by Pastor Henry Madava, is one of the fastest growing Christian communities in Ukraine. More than 100 Victory Christian Churches have been functioning all over the world so far, and this number is growing every year.

The services led by Pastor Henry are always filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit. People receive salvation, healings, deliverances from various addictions, and learn about the true living God, accepting His mercy, peace, and blessings. What is most important, the hearts of people are ignited with faith in the Lord! This makes a good reason to continue preaching the Gospel and to expand the Kingdom of God all over the world!

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