Voice of Victory

The Bible says that the Gospel will be preached unto the end of the Earth as the testimony to all the nations. That is why we use TV and Internet to spread the Gospel. The Voice of Victory is regularly broadcasted in several languages on TV and youtube VCTV channel. God touches many people and changes their lives through these broadcasts.

Voice of Victory

In every broadcast the audience can listen to Pastor Henry Madava’s sermons, which are filled with wisdom and God’s presence. The broadcasts about the evangelistic ministry of Pastor Henry show the meetings held by Christ for All Cities Ministries in Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. In these meetings, many people accept Jesus Christ in their hearts, and God performs healing miracles!

On some of Voice of Victory broadcasts, Pastor Henry meets with people who testify about wonderful changes in their lives after their repentance. These stories are always exciting because they tell us how God reveals His love to us today! If you are willing to make your money serve for the sake of the Gospel and help us to spread the Voice of Victory, you are kindly invited to transfer any amount as a voluntary donation to Christ for All Cities Ministries. In this way, you can personally participate in spreading the Gospel all over the world!

God wants to save and heal everyone! He does miracles in our time! Watch the testimonies of God’s glory on Pastor Henry Madava’s Voice of Victory broadcasts and be blessed by this ministry!

TV schedule

TV channel Frequency Day GMT UTC+2 (Kyiv) Language
Inspiration TV weekly Saturday 16:00 18:00 English
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