History of the Ministry

Pastor Henry Madava began preaching the Gospel in Ukraine back in the 1990s. The first Jesus Festival as a separate large-scale evangelistic event was held in the city of Odessa in 2001. Since then, Jesus Festivals have been held on a regular basis in Ukraine. The first Jesus Festival outside of Ukraine was held in Pakistan in the city of Karachi in 2003. In the same year Christ for All Cities Ministries was officially registered in Ukraine as an international charitable foundation, and subsequently also registered in the United States.

Besides Pakistan, where eight Jesus Festivals have already been held, Christ for All Cities Ministries conducted Jesus Festivals in Thailand (seven festivals), India (four festivals), Egypt, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Poland, and Moldova. During its operation, Christ for All Cities Ministries has already held almost 50 Jesus Festivals in total in different cities of Ukraine, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Hundreds of thousands of people heard the message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ for the first time, and tens of thousands of people turned to God in prayer of repentance.

A separate area of activity of Christ for All Cities Ministries is also holding Glory Filled Conferences for pastors and Christian leaders. The first such conference was organized in Thailand in Bangkok in 2012. Together with Pastor Henry Madava, two world-famous ministers—Pastor Benny Hinn and Bishop Dag Heward-Mills—preached at the Glory Filled Thailand conference. The next conference was Glory Filled Pakistan held in Islamabad in 2015. In 2018, the Glory Filled Conference was again held in Thailand. In addition, a series of conferences “Glory Filled Europe” was held in Kyiv (Ukraine).

After the outbreak of the full-scale war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, Christ for All Cities Ministries has been focused on helping people who had found themselves in trouble because of the war. By the beginning of 2024, through the charity project “There is Hope—Help in Wartime,” more than 500,000 food packages and more than three tons of medicine were distributed free of charge among indigent people disadvantaged by the war, in addition to other assistance. More than 100,000 people turned to God and gave their lives to Jesus Christ during this time. Christ for All Cities Ministries is convinced that even in extremely difficult times there is hope that the Lord loves everyone, and that in Him there is a way out!

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