Jesus Festivals

Christ for All Cities Ministries conducts Jesus Festivals. These are massive evangelistic campaigns held both in Ukraine and abroad—in the countries of Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Our goal is to reach every city with the Gospel. When cities change, the society also changes. The dynamics of any country is concentrated in the cities. That is why we go first into big cities to evangelize and serve people there. Whatever city is, local churches always participate in the preparation and organization of the Jesus Festival there.

What are we doing in the cities? We preach the Word of God and pray for the healing of the sick. This is the main priority of Christ for All Cities Ministries.  At the same time, Pastor Henry Madava also conducts conferences for local pastors to teach them and other Christian leaders as to how they can grow up in their ministry. Pastor Henry Madava says:

Jesus Festival is a big celebration in any city. It is an atmosphere full of joy and constant expectation of miracles from the Lord. Jesus Christ is resurrected and alive. He touches people with His wonderful power. His every touch brings change, restoration and renewal.

We always try to create an atmosphere of unity in the city. When we come to a new city for us, we help local pastors to get united for a joint purpose. People who turn to God during large campaigns such as Jesus Festivals spread over local churches, contributing to their growth.

Involvement of many high-level politicians and officials in these events is another reason why Jesus Festivals change the atmosphere in the cities. This gives more credentials and influence to Christian communities, which is especially important in the Muslim countries. The regions that make the main focus of Christ for All Cities Ministries include Thailand, Pakistan, India, and countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

Besides the great spiritual effort, we also organize a variety of charity events for the needy and poor people in some cities where Jesus Festivals take place.

All these efforts are made with the only goal: to bring the salvation message of Jesus Christ to people!

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