Our mission

Christ for All Cities Ministries is an evangelistic ministry. Our main goal is to preach the Gospel in different cities of Europe, Asia, and Africa. The ministry is also focused on social work, education, and helping the needy. The vision of Christ for All Cities Ministries is to reach those countries where the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ is limited or difficult.

One of the most important directions in the work of Christ for All Cities Ministries is to organize and conduct Jesus Festivals. These are massive evangelistic campaigns held both in Ukraine and abroad—in the countries of Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe.

Another direction of the ministry is to conduct Glory Filled Conferences for pastors and Christian leaders. The purpose of these conferences is to equip pastors and leaders with the necessary knowledge and to empower them to reach their societies, cities, and countries with the Gospel.

Christ for All Cities Ministries with Pastor Henry Madava believes that the impossible becomes possible when God opens doors. Different languages, different nations, cultures and customs, but one goal in every city and country: to preach the Gospel unto the remotest parts of the earth and to add those who had been saved to the Church of Jesus Christ.

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