Glory Filled Conferences

Glory Filled Conferences have become an important direction for Christ for All Cities Ministries. The purpose of these conferences is to equip pastors and Christian leaders with the necessary knowledge and to empower them to reach their societies, cities, and countries with the Gospel. Pastor Henry Madava says:

The Lord has put in my heart for many years now to do Glory Filled Conferences. I believe God wants to pour out His glory upon His people. How is He going to do that? He touches the pastors and the bishops. And the pastors and the bishops touch their congregations. When we do Glory Filled Conferences, the power of God comes mightily and powerfully upon everyone taking part. The impartation for miracles, signs, and wonders happens. The glory of God rests upon the whole conference.

Christ for All Cities Ministries usually invites other anointed and world-renowned speakers to participate in the Glory Filled Conferences along with Pastor Henry Madava. They bring a lot of experience, impartation, and revelation. So far, we have done Glory Filled Thailand in Bangkok, Glory Filled Pakistan in Islamabad, Glory Filled Europe in Kyiv (Ukraine), and we are planning to do more Glory Filled Conferences in other countries of Asia and Europe.

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