Second day of Jesus Festival in Chernivtsi

This woman had a strong pain in her back because of 4 hernias, for this reason she couldn’t bend over. But after the prayer she can move her body freely!Vasyl had a spinal disc incarceration and also the pain in his left leg, which he couldn’t bend. Now the pain has gone!Tatiana couldn’t sleep for a long time because of the itchiness, so she was taking a sleeping pills. After the 1st day of the Festival she slept well without taking sleeping pills and on the 2nd day of the Festival she testified about this miracle!Nikolai had pain in his body side joint, he could barely move. Now he can move freely and joyfully!Liudmila had a constant pain in her waist because of the falling of her kedneys. God's power has touched her, and the pain has gone!Tatiana had problems with her musculoskeletal system since she was 10 years old. She could hardly stand and lift her hands. Today she took her child in her hands without any pain. Praise God!Yuriy injured his back four years ago, his nerve was pinched, and he could not straighten himself up. During the prayer the pain has completely gone!Natalia came from Italy to Chernivtsi for vacation. For 6 months she had a pain in the right hand ligament, so she couldn’t lift it up. The surgery was scheduled for autumn, but during the prayer the pain has gone.Galyna couldn’t hear with her right ear from birth, also she had an eyesight dimout. After the prayer she was healed from both diseases!Tatiana had degenerative spine disease for 7 years, for this reason she could lift her right hand up. Now she is healed!Prayer for healingPrayer for healingPrayer for healingPeople responded to the altar call.Jesus Festival is a place for everyone.We are ready to see God's miracles!Jesus has prepared something special for Chernivtsi!Stage performance presented by Teenagers’ Ministry from Victory Church of Uzhgorod city.Children’s Planet Ministry prepared a holiday for children.Children’s Planet Ministry prepared a holiday for children.Prayer for pastor and leaders.Prayer for pastor and leaders.Meeting for pastor and leaders.Meeting for pastor and leaders.Meeting for pastor and leaders.Worshiping the Lord with all our hearts.

Second day of Jesus Festival in Chernivtsi started off with service for pastors and leaders.

Pastor Henry Madava taught on how the minister of God can bring revival to his city.

Pastors in particular create spiritual temperature in the church. We are called to make the way where there is no way! – Pastor Henry shared with attendees the truth of the Word of God and his long-term experience. At the end of the service he prayed for all participants of this service.

The service at the Jesus Festival had continued in joyful and praiseful atmosphere.

Praise and worship team sang and danced from the bottom of their heart, igniting everyone to join in praise. People at the theater were clapping their hands, exclaiming loudly sincere praise; offering prayers and thanksgiving to God. I t was a real celebration in honor of the Lord! In addition to those who gathered at the Summer Theater of the Central Park of Culture and Recreation, many people could watch the service through an online broadcast at the Christ for All Cities Ministries website.

"The festival is a real celebration!’ – said Pastor Henry, stepping onto the stage. – And the main hero here is the Lord Jesus Christ! And today He has prepared many miracles for everyone!
After that, Pastor Henry introduced a local pastors who were present at the service to the audience. Shortly, he began his message on the unlimited God in the life of a limited person.

– God can do anything! And His intention to heal, save and deliver can not be stopped! He changes the destiny of man, because he loves us. Make a decision to be with Jesus!

Many people responded to these words and willingly gave their hearts to Christ. Today was a wonderful day of their salvation!
After Pastor Henry began to pray for the healing of people, the presence of God sensible fell on the crowd. Some were crying, others were kneeling down; there were those who just smiled and thanked the Lord for His fiery touch. The power of the Holy Spirit covered the hall with a huge wave. Many miracles had happened at that moment!

For 3.5 years Vasiliy had asthma. After the prayer he was able to breathe easily. This is a miracle!

Natalia came from Italy to Chernivtsi on vacation. By accident she visited the service. She had a broken ligament on her right arm; she could not move it for a long time. Doctors have already scheduled an operation for the fall, but during the prayer the pain was gone. Natalia could move her arm without limits!

Galina couldn’t hear with her right ear from the birth. Also she had a dimout on both eyes. During the prayer the sight became clear, and the hearing got recovered. Glory to God!

This is how the unlimited power of the unlimited God works! – exclaimed Pastor Henry – May God bless Chernivtshi!

We express out gratitude to all partners of Christ for All Cities Ministries for your prayers and financial support!