This is the seventh Festival of Jesus Christ in Thailand being held by the Christ for All Cities Ministries under the leadership of its founder and president pastor Henry Madava. This is the seventh wave of God's glory, which covers this country with His grace, healing, and salvation of souls.

This man had a stroke and couldn't feel some parts of his body. After the prayer, he began to move freely! This woman had a pain in her knees and back, she could not walk without a stick. God healed her and she is free to walk! This woman was suffering from diabetes for 5 years. She had bad eyesight and couldn't walk without a stick. Now she can see better and the stick is no longer needed!  Due to kidney disease this little girl couldn't walk, had a pain in her back. Now she is healed and is free to walk! This woman had a pain in her knees and back, she could not walk without a stick. God healed her and she is free to walk!

The Lord had been blessing the pastors and leaders who had come to the Festival from different provinces of Thailand since the early morning. At the morning leadership seminar "Walk with God," pastor Henry inspired the ministers to always follow Jesus, to yield not to fear and doubt, to believe, and to use the supernatural power that the Lord gives to his disciples. The seminar was attended by pastors not only from Thailand but also from Burma, Cambodia, and Laos. The morning service ended with a powerful prayer with impartation for the acceleration in God's work.

At the opening ceremony of the Jesus Festival, the Governor of the Roi Et Province, who was invited as an honorable guest, addressed the gathering with welcome speech. The authorities displayed great respect and reverence to the upcoming event, which is the blessing from God for Thailand.

After the grand opening of the Festival, the Thai worship team came up on the platform and praised God in traditional festive costumes, dancing with flags in their hands. More than 30 local churches from the provinces of Maha Sarakham, Kalasin, and Roi Et participated in the preparation of the Festival.

Everyone could get to the Jesus Festival with the help of vehicles that were rented specifically to bring people from different locations of the province. More than 300 vehicles were used. These were vehicles of different kind: more than 200 pickup trucks as well as buses and vans. There were a large number of seriously ill people, who were brought to the Festival on rickshaws and placed in a special area prepared for them. The stadium was being filled with thousands and thousands of people very quickly.

The Lord commands the storms

Noteworthy is that strong spiritual resistance precedes almost each Festival. It usually manifests itself in the sharp deterioration in the weather. This time was not an exception. On the day preceding the opening, when the platform had been ready and the stadium had been prepared, there rose a stormy wind and ripped down the banner that was hung out on the background. However, this event only motivated the prayer team to pray for the Festival with even greater boldness.

God's answer to the prayer was His miracle, as in the previous cases. On the day of the Festival, there was an absolute calm over the stadium, while in the districts across the province there was a raging gale with heavy showers. It became a hindrance to the arrival of buses from the provinces nearby. Drivers simply refused to go. The Lord is faithful to His promises today, just as He was during His earthly ministry, when He commanded the storms!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Pastor Henry began the service with preaching about the things that Jesus Christ can do in a life of each person. He cited Luke 4:17, where Jesus spoke about His anointing to heal the brokenhearted and to deliver the captives. "You can suffer from the pain of rejection, incurable disease, fear, embarrassment, grief from the loss of people you loved, and hopelessness. Jesus wants to save and deliver you from all these things. The same Lord who healed and set people free 2,000 years ago is ready to do it today," this was the message of pastor Henry.

Pastor Henry also spoke about the healings that God performed in different cities and countries where he had ministered. In particular, pastor testified about six addicts who received complete healing from AIDS and hepatitis in Perm (Russia) and a girl from Bangkok who had a metal rod inserted in her broken leg , so that she could not bend it. After the prayer this metal was likely to melt because she began to walk freely and bend the leg in the knee. These testimonies raised the faith of those people present at the stadium and  those who watched the Festival online on internet. Several people had been healed during the sermon.

Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved!

Pastor Henry called people to repentance before he began to pray for healing. More than 1100 people responded to this call. Everyone who opened his heart to the Lord received the gift book “Saved! Let's Lay the Foundation” written by pastor Henry and translated into Thai. The salvation souls is the greatest miracle that can happen in person's life.

They shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover

During the prayer for healing, the sick people laid their hands on the place that was sick. While pastor Henry prayed standing on the platform, the Thai pastors and the staff from the Christ for All Cities Ministries were walking over the field and laid their hands on the sick. The Holy Spirit touched the needy all over the stadium, restored the hearts, and healed the sick.

The Lord Jesus acts differently at each Festival. Today's miracle night was marked by many healing miracles. God's glory was especially manifested in healing the people who had lost their sight or were limited in movement because of diabetes.

Even if you were not present in Thailand and were not physically involved in the Festival, you can still be a co-worker in this field as a partner of the Christ for All Cities Ministries. Your contribution will not stay unnoticed by the Lord. Pastor Henry Madava express his deepest appreciation to the partners for their help in this ministry!

God bless you!