On the second day the number of people at the Festival increased significantly up to about 15,000. People were witnessing God's miracles made on the first day. They not only invited their relatives, friends, and neighbors but their expectation, joy and faith has increased significantly on the second day.

People entered the grounds in two large streams. Men and women were checked separately at the entrance, so that no one could carry the explosives, weapons and dangerous objects to the territory of the Festival.

This day as many as 110 buses brought people from different parts of Karachi. The buses were packed with people, so that young people often rode on the roof, increasing the capacity of buses to 100 people.

The territory of the Jesus Festival was being quickly filled with people. According to the customs of Pakistan, men and women sit separately in the meetings. Women sat in bright multi-colored robes on the left of the stage, and men sat on the right side. So many people came on this day that some of the chairs were replaced with mats to allow more people to sit in the available space. There were much more Muslims among the people who came on this day than on the day before.

Jesus' words are filled with power

Pastor Henry spoke about the greatness of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is almighty, He is full of love and care about people.

The angel who came to Mary said:

"He will be great and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David: and he shall reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there shall be no end" (Luke 1:32,33)

Jesus is walking on this earth by His Spirit, and He is willing to help people. Even if doctors can no longer help you, Jesus says "I'm here to give you a new life.”

"When Jesus healed the servant of the centurion, He said just a word, and the servant was healed. Jesus' words are filled with power. I read to you from the Bible because the Bible is the Word of God. The words of God carry the healing," pastor Henry was preaching.


After the sermon pastor Henry asked the people who want to receive the forgiveness of sins and follow Jesus to raise their hands. Thousands of people raised their hands all over the Festival grounds. Ushers gave the follow-up forms to everyone. For the first two days about 8,000 people filled out the follow-up forms.

Every new believer received pastor Henry's book "Saved! Let's Lay the Foundation" as a free gift as well as the list of Christian churches of the city.

God heals with no partiality

During the prayer for healing, people sincerely addressed to God asking Him for the miracle and showing their gratitude to Him. God manifested His love by healing people with no partiality - both Christians and Muslims, those who have been in the church for long time and those who came to the meeting of Christians for the first time, those who were sitting near the stage and those who were at the end of the field, and even those who listened to the prayer over the phone. On pastor Henry's advice, many people called to their sick relatives and friends and gave them an opportunity to listen to a prayer for healing over the phone.


God healed even more people this night. Many people trapped in an accident were healed. A woman who had been paralyzed on her right side was healed, and she can move her right arm and leg now, which she could not move before. A girl had been demon possessed for 18 years: she beat the dishes and, when she was brought to the church, she ran away. She was released during the prayer, and the burden she had felt on the head and shoulders over the years has gone.

A girl had seizures for many years, and the last one has happened just before the service. She felt that God healed her during the prayer: the ease and freedom have come into her body. Another girl had an accident and could not move her right arm since then. After the prayer her hand began to move normally.

Woman's back hurt badly after the old injury. She could not bend, and she could hardly sit. God healed her, and she can freely bend down now.

A man watched the live broadcast on the Pakistani Jesus Festival website. He had low levels of vitamin D3. His right ankle and knees were painful because of this. After the prayer the pain in his leg decreased.

In the end of the service pastor Henry blessed the people and prayed for the prosperity of businesses, good jobs and solution of financial problems.

* * *

We thank God for His presence and miracles. We give Him all the glory, and we believe He has prepared even more blessings for the Pakistani people on the last third day of the Festival.

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