Christian churches based in Poltava were gladdened by the opportunity to welcome Pastor Henry Madava and have services with him in their city. Sixteen church communities consented to involve themselves in the build up to and organisation of the Jesus Festival. Following this, over 150 members of different congregations spent two weeks sharing good news, praying for people and inviting them to the Festival services. This street evangelism effort recorded more than 1,200 people repenting and leaving their addresses in prayer cards.

The local churches were active in helping with advertisement production and placement, as well with hunting accommodation and providing board for the Festival team. They also supplied their people to assist the Festival staff. The churches held several interchurch prayer meetings, where they joined together to offer a prayer and supplicate God that salvation and spiritual change would come to Poltava during the Jesus Festival.

As to the Festival's atmosphere, it was festive and vibrant. Pastor Henry Madava held three revival meetings with a turn-out of over 2,000 people, 373 of them filling in conversion questionnaires and being presented with New Testaments and Pastor Henry's book "The Foundation of Faith of a Born-Again Believer". Also, every new Christian was given a list of Poltava-based churches. Every effort was made that all those who had been won for God would not be lost but find their place in the Body of Christ.

The services in Poltava witnessed multiple healings for various problems. Two bent-over women, for example, straightened up. A lot of people reported considerable improvement of their eye-sight and restoration of reading ability. Many hearing problems were cured; several women who had a waking difficulty were able to walk with no canes. Some people with various painful conditions, post-surgery ones included, were completely rid of pain. Most of the healing experiences were "jumping ones" – people were jumping for joy upwards – a thing they could not do before. A senior man was so happy to have been healed that he bounced like a ball on the stage floor. A better part of healings involved chronic diseases that dated back to births and childhoods or lasted for years. At the Pastor's request, a former drug addict who was made completely whole at the meeting, went on stage to genuflect and pray for all drug addicts in Poltava region. Also, a number of children went on to testify about God's work in their lives.

The passages below provide the most vivid testimonies about the healings experienced at the Festival:

- Maria was a life-time sufferer of Bell's palsy, which rendered her unable to open one of her eyes when she closed it. Besides, she had a nervous tic (a sudden uncontrolled movement of facial muscles and eye-lids). On receiving a prayer, she got well;

- A man had an accident which left him with a shoulder ache lasting for many years. As a result of prayer, he was healed;

- Svetlana had had a hearing problem since her days as a schoolgirl. During a prayer, she felt something like an electric current coming through her ears. After this, she could hear very well and had her eye-sight improved;

- Lubov has been using a cane for ten years. Now, after a prayer has been said for her, she no longer needs a cane!

- Pasha, a nine-year-old girl, was cured of cold in the head. Eva, aged nine, had suffered from scoliosis and had a painful back. After prayer, the ache was gone;

- Andriy started smoking at the age of eight and kept up the habit for fifteen years. This led to him developing a chest pain and heavy breathing. He got healed when attending the Festival.

- Oleksandr and Alisa, as well as their children, had a headache, which was gone after prayer;

- Volodymyr, a six-year-old boy, had a backache, which was healed at the Festival;

- Lyudmyla, a ten-year-old girl, had a pain in the knee. After prayer, the pain was gone;

- A lady aged 79 had the initial stage of age-related hearing loss. After being prayed for, she had her hearing restored;

- Lyudmyla, a twenty-year old, was an osteochondrosis sufferer. Now, after prayer, she feels absolutely well;

- A lady had a stomach ulcer. After the Friday evening service, the pains were gone, and on Saturday all the symptoms disappeared;

- Mykola had been ill with TB for six years and had severe breathing problems. After prayer, his breath became free and he felt physically relieved. Mykola says he forgot what uninhibited breath is about;

- A man had had poor vision for over ten years. Having woken up on the night following the evening service, he for some reason decided to check his eyesight. He found out he could he could read small print;

- Valentyna has had a pain in her right knee for some month. Now, after being prayed for, she is free from pain and can easily jump;

- Another lady called Valentyna had suffered from stomachaches for twenty years. She had an unbearable pain, when she came to a meeting where she was healed;

- Halyna had had osteochondrosis and a painful back for three years. During a prayer, she had a warming sensation, as if someone had touched her spine, and the pain was gone;

- Tatyana had had a slipped disk and jammed vertebra for three years. She had trouble turning her head. After prayer, the pain was gone, and now she can turn easily turns her head.

- Halyna has been progressively losing sight for twenty years. Now, after having been prayed for, she has clear vision;

- Lydia had been chronically allergic for fifteen years. After the evening service, the cold in the head was gone and she stopped sneezing. On the next day, she was completely healed.

- Olha, an eleven-year-old girl, had a broken neck last spring. At the Festival, the pain was fully gone, and she has no problems moving her neck;

- Twelve years ago, Serhiy was diagnosed schizophrenic. After prayer, he felt his mind was clear. With compulsive thoughts having evaporated, he feels easy and confident;

- Nadiya, aged seven, had chronic bronchitis. During a prayer, she had a warming sensation and was healed;

- There was a nine-year-old girl who had a bad fall at seven. After that accident, she had a backache for two years and spent much time in hospital being bedridden. After prayer, the pain and the consequences of two fractures were gone and the girl got healed.

Another feature of the Jesus Festival held in Poltava was that God gave healings via mobile phones. Acting on Pastor Henry's advice, those in the auditorium rang their sick relatives and acquaintances, the latter receiving prayer and healings via mobile phones. God miraculously healed those who were in places away from the Festival venue, areas outside Poltava included. A lady called her daughter who was laid up with quinsy and a 39-degrees fever. The girl received a healing prayer over the phone and was healed by God. The temperature getting back to normal and the pus going out, the girl asked for something to eat.

The leaders of the Planet D ministry held two seminars for ministers as well as two unforgettable meetings with a turn-out of about 400 children. Children had a great time playing games, competing in contests and raffling. Also, they watched an engaging play, which was imbued with the divine truth and Christian principles. The meeting saw 279 children and their parents filling in questionnaires to state their desire to attend children's services and Sunday school.

On Friday following the evening service, there was a meeting with pastors. One of Pastor Henry's priorities is to provide support to the city's pastors and to motivate them towards unity and oneness. The meeting was attended by 25 pastors and leaders. Pastor Henry encouraged the pastors in their endeavours, shared with them a word of wisdom and answered lots of questions. The atmosphere at the meeting was friendly and open. By the same token, as in other places, God gave Pastor Henry a message which was relevant to those exercising spiritual leadership in the city with its specific features and spiritual atmosphere.

The Festival was made possible due to coherent efforts by a numerically vast and effective team. More than 60 members of Kyiv-based Victory Church came over to contribute their effort to the Jesus Festival. Among other Jesus festivals, this one featured the largest worship group and the most diverse concert with over twenty performers.

Hundreds of Poltava citizens received Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord. Hundreds of believers affiliated with sixteen local congregations received into their hearts a fresh fire and desire to put more effort in serving God as members of their churches. The local pastors are very grateful to Pastor Henry for the Festival and the changes the city saw in its wake. Members of the outreach mission Christ for All Cities are full of resolve and enthusiasm to travel to all parts of the world and bring good news to other places in Ukraine and the areas outside it. And all praise be to our Lord for all He does!