A conference for pastors and leaders gathered about 1,800 ministers from different churches and cities of Pakistan. The hall was full: people occupied the seats, and many were standing in the aisles. Pastor Henry noted that in most countries there is a lack of education for leaders. So, most of the leaders are moving on intuition. In Pakistan pastors will be well educated soon, and conferences are very useful for this purpose. For example, a conference in Bangkok with pastor Benny Hinn and bishop Dag Heward-Mills was very efficient and useful.

Pastor taught ministers about leadership.

It is important for the churches to be led by leaders. More often the circumstances in which God puts a person make him a leader, not the title.

For example, Nehemiah wanted to help Jerusalem (Nehemiah 1:1-6 ). He cried and lamented about this city, fasted and prayed to God. He had a desire to rebuild Jerusalem, and God called him for this purpose.

Difficult circumstances help to become a leader. But do not start to fast, pray and cry before you understand that you are called by God to a particular ministry.

When Nehemiah came to Jerusalem, people thought he was the next ruler, like all before him. But Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of the city, and the citizens, who did not do this earlier, participated in the construction. The leader has a vision, and he directs people and creates motion.

The vision makes a leader, not the position. Often people with theological education are not leaders. They have knowledge but no vision. Therefore, better leaders are those who come out of business or have medical education... "I'm not against the Biblical education, but people need to be taught to be leaders," pastor Henry continued.


It's important to be called and have a vision.

In the second part of the leadership seminar, pastor taught that leaders who are called by God do not have to give up but to follow God, in spite of everything.

Jesus chose disciples for himself (Mark 3:12-15). They were the people whom He wanted to 1) be with Him and spend time with Him, 2) preach His word, 3) heal the sick, and 4) cast out demons.

Ruth is an example of the person dedicated to the call of God. Her calling was to become a part of the Israeli people. However, the circumstances were against her. Ruth had to leave her mother-in-law and come back to home. But she insisted to go with Naomi.

Naomi, when she came back to home, tried to change her name to Mara (cursed instead of blessed). Never change your name. In my ministry the church had grown to 500 people and then it decreased to 30 people. I asked God that probably I need to leave. But God said that my mission was in Ukraine. If you are called, you have to stay in your calling. Do not give up and fight to the end.

In the end pastor Henry said that he has a desire to come again and hold seminars for pastors and leaders for several days. Pastors were very happy about this.


After the seminar pastor Henry prayed for the calling and vision.

The Pakistani ministers have been very inspired by the message. They listened attentively to pastor Henry, emotionally responded, and were filled with joy.