The long-awaited Jesus Festival in Karachi has come! This is a true spiritual celebration that brought Christians and Muslims together, rich and poor, people of high society and of working classes. People came each with their needs and problems, waiting for a miracle from God.

After the grand opening of the Jesus Festival, the people began to praise God to the accompaniment of the national music. The vast territory of the YMCA grounds (Young Men's Christian Association) was being filled with the streams of people, many of them coming from different parts of the city on buses organized by the Christ for All Cities mission.


During the event great attention was paid to safety. Mobile rangers patrolled the perimeter of the grounds. Police cars were standing in front of the gates and entrances. Each person was checked at the entrance by the police. Armed policemen guarded the stage, and the officers from the security service were constantly present on the stage.


Good news to the citizens of Karachi

The great God has the great love, about which pastor Henry told to the crowd.

God does not just love, but God Himself is love (1 John 4:8). His love is as great as He is. God is quick, and so quick is His love. God loves people, and you just need to be a human being for Him to love you.

God is driven by compassion (Luke 7:13). If you have problems, God perceives them. If you have a pain, God feels it. He wants to give you a miracle because He loves you.

The greatest miracle is to accept the fact that Jesus died for you and rose from the dead to give you the eternal life.


Then pastor Henry invited people to give their lives to Jesus Christ and follow Him. Thousands of people raised their hands and turned to God with a prayer of repentance. Ushers handed over the questionnaires to these people and helped them to fill them out. New believers received the list of the Christian churches of the city and pastor Henry's book "Saved! Let's lay the foundation," so that they could be strengthened in their faith.

Jesus Christ is God the Healer!

The choir started to sing the song "Hallelujah," and pastor Henry began to pray for the healing of the sick. People laid their hands on the sick spots and raised their hands to God, asking Him for healing. Pastors and ministers went over the rows and laid their hands on people. God answered the prayers by miracles and healings. Many people came to the stage to witness the miracles made by God.

God healed the consequences of long-standing injuries. Those who could not walk without crutches or support of others went on the stage alone. A paralyzed woman began to walk. A girl 4.5 years old, who lost hearing when she was two, began to hear. Her feet were straightened as well, and she can freely walk now.

A man, who was in an accident six years ago, had had a metal rod in his leg since the time of operation. The doctors told him that he would never walk. After the prayer, the man came on the stage, brought his crutch, and testified about his healing. A sixty-year old woman had had a pain in her chest for more than three years, she could hardly take a breath. The pain began to increase during the prayer and suddenly stopped completely. Now she can breathe freely and she feels no pain! There were many miraculous healings, so that a lot of people did not have enough time to testify about their miracles. At the end of the service, pastor Henry blessed the families. Happy people gave glory to God for His mercy and miracles He revealed, and they went home.

We thank God for His presence and the miracles He made at the Jesus Festival and give Him all the glory!

* * *

Dear partners of pastor Henry and Christ for All Cities mission, we thank you for your contribution to the work of God. Through your prayers and support, the Pakistani people have this wonderful opportunity to hear the gospel and experience encounter with Almighty God.

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