10-12 of September 2012 in the city of Bangkok in Thailand Christ for All Cities International Mission in conjunction with pastors of the city held a conference called Glory Filled Thailand. The conference was conducted for Christian pastors and leaders of Thailand and South-East Asia. The mastermind of the conference was the President of Christ for All Cities International Mission and the Senior Pastor of Victory church – Henry Madava together with pastors of Bangkok.

The conference was held in the spacious and modern exhibition center Bitec to make sure all interested could participate in the event. More than four thousands pastors and ministers of the region visited that tremendous conference. It should be noted that considerable number of people arrived from countries not easy reachable by Gospel, especially: Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Nepal, Cambodia, Burma, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India etc.

More than 15 churches of Bangkok participated in the conference. During the preparation we faced resistance as many negative articles arrived in social networks and local newspapers, though we have managed to overcome it and move forward with God not being distracted by enemy’s attacks.

The main goal of the conference was Glory Filled Thailand so pastors and leaders were instructed and filled with the Holy Spirit. Such a large scale conference was held in Thailand for the first time. More than three and a half thousand people were present every day at morning and afternoon services and about eight thousands on evening services! Pastors Benny Hinn, Dag Heward Mills and Henry Madava ministered on the same platform during three days of the conference.

Pastor Henry Madava held all five services on the first day on the 10th of September, where he shared practical wisdom on how to grow the church or ministry and how to enter into your destiny. Pastor Henry also prayed so that the power of God filled pastors, leaders and believers and that revival spread all over Thailand and South-East Asia. Since illnesses and infirmities can not stay in God’s presence, on the evening service Pastor Henry also prayed for healing and many have received their healing and testified about their miracle on the platform.

Pastor Benny Hinn preached and prayed for healing. He also explained that Christians filled with the Holy Spirit can transfer the power of God to other people. We can say: “Be healed in the name of Jesus!” and by the power of God that person will be healed. The only thing God requires of us is obedience to Him. All those present were hungry to receive from the Lord everything he poured out at those services.

Last evening service was special. Pastors couldn’t stand on the platform because of God`s presence. Pastor Benny Hinn especially prayed for ministers from India and Pakistan when he called them to the platform. Many people have felt God`s presence and musical background during sermons allowed people to remain in the atmosphere of God`s love.

Bishop Dag Heward Mills began his sermon saying thanks to Pastor Henry Madava for the invitation to minister at the conference. He represented several of his books and then in his sermon explained reasons of unfaithfulness in the lives of believers. Bishop Dag emphasized seven typical stages of unfaithfulness and spiritual illness: independent spirit, resentment, passiveness, critics, politics, delusion and carelessness. Bishop appealed to believers to watch yourself and do not allow those wreckers into their hearts. Also Bishop Dag has taught on how to have a mega church and how to be a good pastor. At one of those services he performed powerful prayer for revival in Thailand.

Pastors and leaders went to their churches being inspired and filled with God`s glory and power, having special boldness to preach the Gospel. We believe that the fire of the Holy Spirit that filled the hearts of all participants of the conference will assist them with the power of God in bringing revival in Thailand and the countries of South-East Asia, to bring people to Jesus Christ and to set the captives free.

Pastor and Evangelist Henry Madava expresses his special gratitude to all partners of Christ for All Cities International Mission for their prayers and financial support!