While approaching the Festival venue one could see the festive excitement and impressive range of the event. Access road were filled with motorcycles, rickshaws, cars and buses which brought people to the service.

People were in hurry to take places closer to the platform where praise and worship team along with a huge choir praised God to the national music. They praised Him so vividly that most of the people sing, danced, clapped their hands, waived their handkerchiefs over their heads in the overall atmosphere of joy.

From the first minutes of praise demons start to manifest themselves in some of the attendees and Jesus Festival team ministered to those people, casting evil spirits out. Delivered people testified about the freedom they have just received and about the power in the name of Jesus, it has really encouraged many people.

The Festival was attended by high-ranking officials and influential people of the city. The mayor of the city delivered his speech at the Festival opening, following which hymn “I love India" was performed. With first chords of the hymn all the people stood up with great honor and esteem to give their tribute of respect to their country.

When Pastor Henry appeared on the platform he welcomed people and suggested them to pray for their country. He blessed the whole nation and especially prayed for the youth.

Pastor preached clearly and vividly, many people have heard the Good News for the first time in their life. He said that Jesus Christ is a Good Shepherd and He is the only door to the salvation, forgiveness, healing and the sense of life.

He continued and said that Jesus is able to calm the storm in your soul, in your body, in your mind, family and other areas of your life, just like He calmed the storm on the sea. People listened to the sermon curiously and it was well notable on their faces that the Word of God spoken through the Pastor goes deeply into their hearts.

After the flaming sermon thousands of people responded to the altar call and received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. They have filled application forms and received as a gift the book of Pastor Henry «Being repentant let’s lay foundation» in both English and Hindi languages.

After the prayer of repentance Pastor Henry prayed for heeling. By the mercy of God many people have been healed. The power of God was displayed so mightily among the people that some of them couldn’t stand on their feet when they went to the platform to give their testimony.

Many women testified and said that they had some problems with their knees: arthritis, pain and they couldn’t bend it. After the prayer the pain has left them, now they can make a squat and one woman even said that she had a need in an urgent surgery before, but having received her heeling she doesn`t need it anymore!

Young man was dumb from his childhood, but God has opened his mouth and now he can speak. He began to pronounce the first words in his life and being grateful he exclaimed: «Hallelujah!»

Young man who coudn`t hear for ten years now can clearly hear by the mercy of God.

A man who was in coma from the time he was 10, and was paralyzed since then and couldn’t move his hands and unclench his fingers, was healed and now he can move freely, he joyfully lifted up his hands toward God.

A girl, lame from childhood was completely healed. A woman a year ago fell down, hurt her shoulder and couldn’t move her hand afterwards, but after the prayer she can move it freely.

A demon possessed woman hit the ministers at first, but when she was delivered she was literally transformed, her eyes were shining and she even couldn’t remember what she did prior to her deliverance.

Many people have testified that the pain has left them during the prayer or afterwards.

All the people were happy and grateful to God for Jesus Festival in their city.

Concluding the service Pastor Henry blessed people and inspired them to come to the Festival the following days bringing their friends and relatives telling them about great God’s miracles happened at the service.

In total about 30 000 people attended the service at the first day. Praise to be to God for his wonderful grace, miracles and mercy!