From the early morning meetings of the committees and ministries with responsible leaders of the international Jesus Festival team, which consists of the ministers from Ukraine, Russia, UAE and the USA were conducted. Expecting multitudes of people ushers team had briefing and preparation to ensure order and safety during Jesus Festival. Chairs were placed on the field, fences were set there as well. Everything is ready for people to come to the Festival, to hear the Word of God and to obtain salvation.

Since Mumbai located in the specific subequatorial climate, the venue was processed with special smoke to avoid harmful stings of the mosquitoes and other insects. Special attention was given to transportation issue so to bring people to the venue from the remote areas of the city, since Mumbai is the biggest city in India with more than 20 million population.

Preparations for the live broadcast have been made to report about the event to the whole world, because it is expected not only by believers of India, but in the whole world. Indian prayer team has prayed so that the field was filled with people, declaring blessings for all days of the Festival. They have declared Jesus as the Lord of Mumbai and then walked over the field singing hymns to God.

Sound check and light check has been performed on the platform, afterwards musicians set the classical and ethnic instruments. Praise and worship team with choir began run-through and finished it after dark. Lively national music has attracted people from the street to come and see what is happening there. Dance team in national clothes also had their rehearsal, praising the Lord in the dance.

Anticipation of the spiritual celebration, miracles and God’s presence increased both among Indian believers and among believers of the Festival team. The run-through itself and large-scale preparations on the field shows the grandiosity and uniqueness of the coming event. May God be glorified in Mumbai!