On November 29, 30 and December 1, Christ for All Cities International Ministry, whose President and Founder is Senior Pastor of Victory Churches Henry Madava conducted Jesus Festival in Kramatorsk city of Ukraine. The Good News about salvation has been preached during these special services. God according to their prayer.

Ten days street outreach has been conducted prior to the Festival. Outreach team of Christ for All Cities International Ministry trained ministers of local churches and taught them effective methods of street outreach. Believers from various churches of Kramatorsk were inspired while people on the streets got healed and turned to God according to their prayer.

Jesus Festival is a real celebration with an atmosphere, filled with joy and constant anticipation of miracles from the Lord. Jesus Christ is risen and alive and today he touches people’s lives by his miraculous power.

Each service was broadcasted through the Internet. During prayer for healing people called to their relatives and friends so that they could also hear the prayer of Pastor Henry and receive their healing from God. God is not limited by time or distance! His wonder working power touched even those who listened to the sermon and prayer by phone and through the Internet. Praise God!

20 Christian churches of the city participated in Jesus Festival, which was held in two districts of the city. For the first time in years so many pastors gathered together to be united for the sake of people’s salvation .

During Jesus Festival Pastor Henry held meeting with pastors and also service for Christian leaders. Pastors of Kramatorsk asked many questions on their meeting and listened attentively to Pastor Henry’s answers. He shared important principles and ideas which allow pastors and their churches to be more effective and fruitful in their life and ministry.

Service for church leaders has become a great inspiration for believers. The Word of God preached by Pastor Henry touched pastors so much that they asked for record of that teaching as soon as possible so that their leaders could also listen this actual and effective teaching.

It was wonderful spiritual celebration: more than 1800 people dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, the city was filled with talks about God`s miracles, believers got effective experience, inspiration and a desire to accomplish much more for the Lord and pastors of the city have become closer and received new ideas and principles for their churches and ministries!

We express our gratitude to all members of Christ for All Cities team who participated in Jesus Festival in Kramatorsk. We thank pastors and churches who supported Jesus Festival by their prayer, participation and resources.

Thank you very much all partners who continues to be faithful in prayer and offerings. It is because of you Jesus Festival has become not only possible but also successful, unique and powerful.

Praise be unto God for everything He has done!