In the evening the concluding service of the Jesus Festival took place in the stadium. On the third day there were almost two times as more people as on the second day.

On Sunday morning pastor Henry served in one of the churches of Ubon Ratchathani.

Pastor Henry preached about Jesus being the good shepherd. He read from John 10:9-11 saying that Jesus gives life abundantly and lays down His life for the sheep.

Then Pastor Henry preached about storms in life based on Luke 8:22-24.

When the disciples were sailing the boat, the storm started. Jesus is the good shepherd, so he stops and cancels the storms. Pastor gave an example of the snow storm in Kiev that paralyzed the entire city.

The storm that the disciples faced was a storm of outward circumstances. Such storms can be different - in the family, business, or health, but Jesus can quench any storm.

There are also inward storms, as the demoniac from Gadarenes had (Luke 8:26-33). He was possessed by demons and lived in the tombs. Jesus saves from such storms as well because Jesus is the good shepherd.

After the sermon pastor Henry Madava called people to repentance. About 1500 people completed the repentance forms in those three days. Every new believer received the book and CD entitled "Saved! Let's Lay the Foundation" as a gift.

Then pastor prayed with people for healing. God healed many people.

A 50-year-old woman, who had had the rheumatoid arthritis since she was 9, was brought in a wheelchair. During the prayer for the sick she got up and went pushing her wheelchair.

A woman with pain in the right knee could not bend her leg and even sit on the floor for 10 years. After the prayer she came to testify on the platform and happily demonstrated how she can sit.

A man hardly walked because of the motorcycle accident happened 29 years ago. He came to the meeting with his daughter, and when pastor Henry asked people to do what they could not do because of illness, he began to walk across the grounds. His daughter asked her father to jump up, and he did it for the first time in 29 years. The daughter, who served in the usher group, wept for joy, and the healed man refused from the assistance of ushers and came down from a high staircase on the stage.

 A 76-year-old woman could walk only bending down for the past 36 years. God healed her, and her back straightened. Now the woman can walk straightly, and she was also released from the pain in her knee.

A man, who had a stroke about 10 months ago, had to walk with a tripod. Now he can go without it.

A 60-year-old man could not bend his knees for two years. After the prayer he was healed. Another man, who could only walk with a walking frame after a stroke, received healing as well.

God healed many other people on that day as well.

An important part of the Jesus Festival is to teach new believers and bring them to the local church. For this purpose, pastor Henry Madava and ministers from the city Ubon Ratchathani hold six teaching sessions for the new believers on Monday.

The Jesus Festival in Ubon Ratchathani was a special and important event not only for the churches of the city but for the whole province.

About 40 people from the neighbouring communist Laos could come to the Festival for the first time. They learned at the conference, participated in the Jesus Festival, and will bring their knowledge and anointing to the Christian churches of Laos.

Pastors of the Christian churches of Ubon Ratchathani united for the purpose of the Gospel for first time in 10 years. The ministers from the city learned about important principles for the church and ministry from pastor Henry.

A large percentage of people who came were healed. There were especially many people who used various tools for walking - wheelchairs, sticks, crutches, tripods, walking frames - and began walking and praising God.

We thank God for all the miracles and wonders that He made in Ubon Ratchathani.