A full-scale war caused by the Russian military aggression against Ukraine, where the main office of Christ for All Cities Ministries is located, has been going on for more than two years now. This war, which began on February 24, 2022, has already claimed tens of thousands of lives and led to large-scale destruction in many cities and regions of the country. Fierce battles for the freedom and independence of Ukraine continue to this day. Ukrainian cities, energy infrastructure facilities, and other civilian objects are subjected to permanent missile and drone attacks. Ukrainians live under the signals of air alarms. In the fall and winter of the first year of the war, the country was in conditions of permanent and long blackouts. But thanks to God, defenders and international partners of Ukraine, Ukrainians are confidently stepping towards victory and peace on their land.

Due to the threat to life, many people were forced to leave their homes, and some lost their homes altogether. A large number of people have found themselves in a difficult situation because of job loss, rising prices, etc. And the hardest thing is the death of relatives... Fear. Obscurity. Uncertainty about the future. People needed hope…

In the spring of 2022, Pastor Henry Madava—the senior pastor of the Victory Christian Churches and the President of Christ for All Cities Ministries—launched the charitable project “There is Hope – Help in Wartime.” The purpose of this project is to help people who are in trouble because of the war. Every person who needs help can receive free of charge: grocery kits, psychological and prayer support, basic necessities, baby food, medicines. The project “There is Hope” united a large team of volunteer ministers from all the regions of Ukraine. They unload, pack and deliver humanitarian aid, help people with evacuation, resettlement, provide moral and prayer support, and do a lot of other work, so that those in need could receive it. Residents of the capital of Ukraine—the city of Kyiv—can get help in the clubs of hope, which operate in all the districts of the city. Here they can get food packages, clothes and shoes, consultations, and prayer support. The project “There is Hope” also operates in other cities of Ukraine—from Lviv and Uzhhorod in the west of the country to Kharkiv in the east.

The project “There is Hope” is called upon to help as many people as possible and to show them that even in this extremely difficult time there is hope, that the Lord loves everyone, and that there is a way out in Him.

During the operation of the project, more than 500,000 food kits and more than three tons of medicines were distributed, in addition to other assistance, until the beginning of 2024. Thanks to the project “There is Hope,” more than 100,000 people turned to God and gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

The project “There is Hope” is going on, we thank all our partners for their prayer and financial support! May God richly bless you! Together to Victory! Jesus is Lord!

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