Mission Statement

Christ for All Cities Ministries is an international missionary organization with vision to preach the Gospel throughout the world, engage local communities, educate and help the needy.

There are still many countries in which the spread of the Gospel is limited or difficult. Many evangelicals dream to, at least once in their lifetime, testify in Arab and Asian countries, but the difficulties, the risks and the aversion of foreigners often make such dreams impossible.

One of the most important directions of the ministry is to organize Jesus Festivals or crusades. Such festivals are organized not only in Ukraine but also in Russia, Moldova, Poland, Pakistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Thailand and other countries. Local churches play a vital role in preparations and organization of the Jesus Festivals regardless of the locale.

The missionary organization along with the pastor-evangelist Henry Madava strongly believe that the impossible is possible when God opens doors. Despite the different languages, people, culture and customs, there is one goal for each country - to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth and add souls to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Christ for All Cities Ministries

Christ for All Cities Ministries began its ministry and mission service throughout Ukraine back in the 1990s. Soon after,the field of the ministry increased to an international level. In the spring of 2003, Henry Madava, with the ministers of the Victory Christian Church, began active missionary work in Pakistan (cities such as Karachi, Lahore and others). The ministry of evangelism is also carried out in Thailand, India, Poland, Russia and other countries. Tens of thousands of people gather to hear the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus, resulting in a great number of decisions for Christ.

Jesus Festival is a big celebration in any city, with the atmosphere always being filled with joy and a constant expectation of miracles from God. "Jesus Christ - risen and alive. He touches people with his miraculous power. When He touches - changes, rebirth and renewal come "- pastor and evangelist Henry Madava likes to declare.

During the services, pastor preaches the Gospel, prays for healing and peace for the families, prosperity in business, as well as the deliverance from drug, alcohol and other addictions. The sole purpose of these vast evangelical meetings is to convey the reality of God in its fullness.

Pastor Henry Madava

Henry Madava is the founder and pastor of the Victory Christian Church. He also heads the international ministry Christ for All Cities Ministries. He is married and has three children: two sons and one daughter.

Henry Madava was born in Zimbabwe. In 1986 he came to the Soviet Union to study at the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation and Engineering. During that time he felt the call of God on his life to serve the people of Ukraine. Responding to God's call, Henry dedicated his life to serving people. After completing his studies at the Institute, in December 1992, Henry Madava founded the Victory Christian Church and the international ministry Christ for all Cities Ministries.

Henry Madava’s life mission is to help people find their salvation through the faith in Jesus Christ and become productive members of society. Out of these reasons pastor Henry is working in the fields of God, teaching and preaching God's truth not only in Ukraine, but also around the world. His consistent and clear explanation of the Word of God makes the teaching accessible and easy to understand.

Pastor Henry is a world-renowned preacher and speaker taking part in many conferences and events. He has preached the Word of God in more than 40 countries. As one of the prominent Christian leaders in the Ukraine, Henry Madava is eager to see a revival that would engulf all of the Ukraine and the rest of the world.

Such events are always accompanied by wonderful healings from serious disease and deliverances; people once in depression find true joy and liberation. This distinctive miraculous changes show the reality of God's power and His love!

Victory Christian Church is one of the fastest growing Christian communities in Ukraine. Victory is growing around the world also, as there has been more than a hundred satellite churches planted so far, and that number is growing every year.

The services led by Pastor Henry are always filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit, where people receive salvation, healing, deliverance from various addictions, learn about the true living God, accepting His mercy, peace and blessings. But most importantly, the hearts of people are ignited with faith in the Lord! All of this is a reason to continue preaching the gospel and establish the Kingdom of God throughout the world!