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2019-01-24 00:00:00

On Saturday, 31 of May “Ukraine without drugs” bike ride took place in Kyiv.

On Saturday, 31 of May “Ukraine without drugs” bike ride took place in Kyiv.

Former drug addicted with years-ling “experience” participated in the bike ride. Long ago they were delivered from that harmful habit and now they live happy and successfully. Their friends and relatives joined them in the bike ride. Their own example shows that drug addiction problem concerns all groups of people. It is the problem of poor and rich, secured and dysfunctional families. For this reason the society should join hands to counteract this destructive vice.

Activists confirm that drug addiction is not terminal, it is not a verdict. Bike ride participators assert: “There is a way out!". They invite all drug addicted to their fellowship where they support each other, they do sport together, work together and also pray and read Bible together. All of this as a single set provides recovering effect.