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The Christ for All Cities Ministries conducts Jesus Festivals in many countries around the world. Our goal is to reach every city with the Gospel. When there is a tangible change in the cities, a change is felt through the whole society. The dynamics of any country is concentrated in the urban city areas, and that's why we go into the large community centers first to evangelize and serve the people there.

What we are doing in the cities? We preach the Word of God and pray for the healing of the sick. This is our main priority. However, in conjunction with the primary purpose, pastor Henry Madava, also holds leadership conferences for local pastors training local Christian pastors, to help them raise their ministry to a higher level.

"One of the important goals for us is to create an atmosphere of unity in the city - said Henry Madava. - When we come to a city, we often find pastors conflicting with each other and not communicate enough. We help to unite them for a common cause." The many souls saved during the large services disperse into the local churches, contributing to their growth.

Involvement of many local politicians and bureaucrats in these events is another reason why the Jesus Festivals change the atmosphere in the city. This gives weight and influence to the Christian communities, which is especially important in the Muslim countries.

The regions that we are currently focusing most of ministry's resources include India, Pakistan, Thailand, and Nepal. Besides the great effort to affect the spiritual atmosphere in the cities where the Jesus Festivals take place, in some locations we also host variety of charity events for the needy and the poor.

All of these efforts are joined together to accomplish our main goal of bringing people the salvation message of Jesus Christ.