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Ministering to children is a major priority for Christ for All Cities Ministry.The ministry uses a number of methods to reach the children.

Planet D - Sunday School

This is a unique and exciting program designed to develop and educate children in an organized recreational environment. The program has become known to many by its bright truck equipped with a stage that travels from city to city with an amazing and colorful program for children. Planet D is a Sunday school ministry that reaches out not only to the children of Victory Christian Church in Kiev, but also to the children that do not attend church regularly. The Planet D ministry volunteers make regular visits to children's foster homes and boarding schools. Each week the mobile Sunday school is attended by about 1500-2000 children under the age of 14 and about 1000 during the summer break. Each session is carried out by at least one hundred adults. When the weather permits, the Planet D meetings are held in the courtyards of densely populated neighborhoods. The stage is designed as part of a large truck, which is equipped with everything necessary for a street party. During the winter and fall seasons, the Planet D ministry outings take place in various halls. When Planet D is ministering as part of a Jesus Festival, the children's evangelical ministers organize parties for children right in the streets.

It often happens that the children are the first to respond to Jesus Christ, causing their parents to turn to God and learn the truth.

"Dodoma" - ministry to street children

The goal of this ministry is to restore identities of abandoned children, to facilitate restoration of their living conditions,and also the restoration of their position within the society. The missionaries are seeking out homeless children providing them with emergency medical, spiritual, psychosocial and other support. The next step in the restoration process involves returning the children into their original families, or if for some reason this is not possible, arrange placement into centers for social and psychological rehabilitation of the child, and after rehabilitation, their placement into foster families.

It is also important to note that in the Kiev region the ministry is building a center for children's social and psychological rehabilitation. The center is called Dodoma and will be instituted as a center for social justice and protection. The facility will be capable of housing long term up to 60 boys and girls deprived of parental care, aged from 3 to 18 years of age. Children will also be placed into family type of homes where a group of 12 to 14 kids will be undergoing family adaptation under a supervision and care of a foster father and mother. Each separate family will be given the opportunity of having a separate household with opportunity to cultivate agricultural products and own pets.

Those children reaching the age of 18 and yet not being adopted or without a permanent place of residence, are planned to be housed in a hostel that will be built as part of the center's campus. Such hostel will house 12 young adults. The center is also planning to construct an administrative building, which will house school, medical facilities, recreation center, etc. There are also plans to build a children's playground area as well as various sporting facilities.

Children of Martyrs

The Christ for All Cities ministry provides help and assistance to the children of parents who have been martyred for the spread of the Gospel. The main goal of this ministry is to provide such children with assistance in the area of education – paving the way for their successful professional careers and ministry work.

Ministry's partners and Victory Church Kiev help realize this goal with their financial support.