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Before a city hosts a large-scale Jesus Festival, a special team of trained workers from Victory Christian Church arrives. The team comes to the city for two weeks. During this time, the team coordinates with the local churches, and evangelizes in the streets. That is why the greatest number of conversions happens not at the festival itself, but during the street ministry.

However, there are exceptions to this practice. For example, in Muslim countries, street ministry work is very dangerous. Frequently, such street missionaries are either beaten or even killed. As a result, in Muslim regions the street missionary teams are limited to distribution of crusade promotional materials.

One of our goals for the immediate future is to equip three thousand missionary teams that would serve all across the world. Each team would consist of 3-4 members and be supported financially. These teams would be provided with sound equipment and a vehicle for the sole purpose of preaching and spreading the Gospel. The first pilot program will be underway in the immediate future in Thailand.