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The vision of the ministry is to open rehabilitation centers in every district and regional center of Ukraine. This goal is already being realized as resources become available. This ministry helps people suffering from various addictions to gain freedom through Christ, learn about His will for their lives and become a sound and mended person.

Most of the rehabilitation centers are stationary, however, there are also mobile and outpatient centers. All of the rehab centers are divided into three treatment groups: drug addiction, alcohol addiction and ex-convict. Those affected by the HIV virus are provided individual consultation and assistance.

Christ for All Cities also ministers in various detention centers. Special teams regularly visit prisons all over Ukraine, providing spiritual care to prisoners. Believers distribute medicine, clothes, food, and continue to stay in contact with the prisoners long after the visit, guiding them and answering their questions. In addition, the ministers communicate with relatives of prisoners, contributing to the restoration of family relationships.

"When people get out of jail, they become rejected by the society they re-enter.”- says Pastor Henry. “That is why these people are prone to recidivism. Our heart is to help these people. They repent, accept Jesus, undergo re-education in a rehabilitation center. The ministry helps them to restore their identification documents in order to return to normal life. "

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Соревнования, посвященные акции "Украина без наркотиков"

26 ноября в училище №17 в спортивном зале СК "ДАНИИЛ" состоялись соревнования в формате elitgrip ...

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Автопробег "Украина без наркотиков" в Житомире

16 сентября состоялась ежегодная акция против наркомании

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Футбольный турнир "Украина без наркотиков"

В рамках Фестиваля возле кинотеатра "Лейпциг"

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Ко Дню Независимости Украины 26 августа 2017 прошла ежегодная акция УКРАИНА БЕЗ НАРКОТИКОВ.

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Ukraine without drugs ministry on evangelistic automobile rally in Kropyvnytskyi

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Ukraine without drugs motor rally

Motor convoy of 50 vehicles with “Ukraine without drugs!” banners went across Kyiv city.

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On the 28th of June, 2014 Ukraine without drugs motor rally was held in Kyiv

On the28th of June, Ukraine without drugs motor rally was held in Kyiv, dedicated to the Internat...

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“Ukraine without drugs” bike ride took place in Kyiv

On Saturday, 31 of May “Ukraine without drugs” bike ride took place in Kyiv.

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