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Jesus Festivals

The Christ for All Cities Ministries conducts Jesus Festivals in many countries around the world. Our goal is to reach every city with the Gospel. When there is a tangible change in the cities, a change is felt through the whole society. The dynamics of any country is concentrated in the urban city areas, and that's why we go into the large community centers first to evangelize and serve the people there.

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Evangelistic team

Before a city hosts a large-scale Jesus Festival, a special team of trained workers from Victory Christian Church arrives. The team comes to the city for two weeks. During this time, the team coordinates with the local churches, and evangelizes in the streets. That is why the greatest number of conversions happens not at the festival itself, but during the street ministry.

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TV programs

The Bible says that the Gospel will be preached unto the end of the Earth as the testimony to all the nations. TV and Internet are the contemporary means to spread the Gospel. The Voice of Victory is regularly broadcasted in Russian and English on various TV channels. God touches many people and changes their lives through these TV broadcasts.

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Centers for Re-socialization

The vision of the ministry is to open rehabilitation centers in every district and regional center of Ukraine. This goal is already being realized as resources become available. This ministry helps people suffering from various addictions to gain freedom through Christ, learn about His will for their lives and become a sound and mended person.

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Help for children

Ministering to children is a major priority for Christ for All Cities Ministry.The ministry uses a number of methods to reach the children.