The first service of Jesus Festival in Chernivtsi took place.

Olga's sight was restored after the prayer.This 8-year-old boy by the name of Adam suffered from ICP. He couldn't keep his head or to find his feet. After the prayer he was able to stand on his feet for the first time in his life while he kept his head up.In 1978 Ivan had a trauma while he was in the army that damaged his eyes. During the prayer his sight was restored and now he can walk without a cane!Angelina couldn’t walk because of the varicosity and also she couldn’t move her toes on both legs. But now she dances with joy because Jesus healed her!Alexandra suffered because of the problem with her eyes: her eyes couldn’t produce tears. But today she cried with joy because God healed not only her eyes, but her spine as well!This girl had a stomachache in the area of her navel. Doctors couldn’t identify the reason. During the prayer the pain completely gone.Valery had his stomach bulbed because of the high degree of acidity and doctors suspected ulcer, but now the pain has gone!Ludmila had a diagnosis – right knee arthrosis, for this reason she had a strong pain during 2.5 years. Now the pain has gone! Prayer for healing Prayer for healing Prayer for healing Prayer for healing Prayer for healing Prayer for healingA book After Repentance let us lay the Foundation as a gift for new converted believers.Dozens of people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior!The message on the subject why people need God.Pastor Henry Madava is happy to be in Chernivtsi.President of Christ for All Cities MinistriesPeople expecting miracles this particular night.President of Christ for All Cities MinistriesSinging praises to JesusSinging praises to JesusPraising God in unityFiery praise in the Summer Theater.

Before Jesus Festival in Chernivtsi the massive outreach was conducted by Christ for All Cities Ministries together with local churches of Chernivtsi. A great number of people received Jesus as their Lord and Savior on the streets of the city even before the beginning of the Festival. 

The first service of Jesus Festival began with fiery praise and worship, dances and joy.

The service was held in a Summer Theater of the Central Park named after Shevchenko.
– Jesus, You are the God of Ukraine! – all attendees sang these words together as a huge choir, declaring the Kingdom of God in the Summer Theater and in the whole city.
The atmosphere of a celebration and the wonderful presence of God has filled the hall. Now the heads are bowed down in awe and reverence before Jesus, the King of kings. All visitors are ready to receive their miracles of healing, deliverance and forgiveness from Him.

– God, bless Chernivtsi, bless every inhabitant and the city administration – with these words Pastor Henry began his message when he arrived at the platform – I want to express my gratitude to pastors and local churches for their unity and for the opportunity to conduct Jesus Festival in your wonderful city!

Pastor Henry Madava (The President of Christ for All Cities Ministries) preached on a subject why people need God. He delivered the truth of God in a simple and clear way.

– Without the Lord one loses the sense of life. Without Him suffers both a single person and the whole country. God gave this land to us, Ukrainians, so that we could live here in reverence toward Him.

People listened the Word of God very attentively and His tender presence touched their hearts bringing divine peace, confidence and a new hope.

– Jesus always comes to help us. Notwithstanding the problem one may have – God always has the solution! God has no limits, He is never exhausted. He can be involved in your life and be the source of your solution! Today we’ll see many miracles!
Before praying for people Pastor Henry inspired visitors to make the most important step in their life – to reconcile with God through their repentance.

– God manifested His love toward us through Jesus Christ: through His death for us and his miraculous resurrection. The repentance is a personal decision of every person! Jesus is waiting for you, make your step toward your new life! 

Pastor Henry made the altar call. Dozens of people responded to the call and hastened toward the platform to receive Jesus as their personal Savior.
Then Pastor Henry prayed for people’s healing.

The power of God touched every person who needed supernatural healing or deliverance. After the prayer many of them testified about healings and miraculous changes.
Sofia for 3 years couldn’t stand on her tiptoes because of the scolioses and had a terrible pain in her back. But during the prayer the pain completely left her and now this girl can move freely!
Valery had his stomach bulbed because of the high degree of acidity and doctors suspected ulcer, but during the prayer he felt relief. Praise Jesus!

A girl had pain in the area of her navel for 21 years. Doctors couldn’t identify the reason while she suffered from pain. But during the prayer the pain has gone. The girl cried with joy! What a miracle!
There was a live broadcast of the Festival on the web-site of Christ for All Cities Ministries.

This is only the beginning of what Jesus has prepared for Chernivtsi. There will be more tomorrow! Praise God!

We thank all partners of Christ for All Cities Ministries for your prayers and financial support!