In the morning of the second day of Jesus Festival in Kropyvnytskyi city a separate meeting for pastors and leaders of the local churches was conducted.

The Children’s Planet ministry held very interesting and fascinating program for children.The Children’s Planet ministry held very interesting and fascinating program for children.Lidia could not walk without a stick for 2 years. And now he can! Glory to Jesus!Lyubov for 20 years could not bent her ring fingers. After the prayer she could move them freely !Lilia has no more problems with blood pressure and heartburn, because today she received her miracle from the Lord!The girl had a stuffy nose for three weeks. During the prayer she started to breathe easily!Nadezhda was 82 years old, and she hardly walked. Jesus healed her legs!Igor felt pain in his back for over 5 years. After Holy Spirit touched him, he was completely healed!Tamara could not lift her legs for 1,5 months. Praise the Lord, she was healed!Marina's gallbladder was bent from her childhood. After the prayer she felt relief.9 years ago Roman broke his leg, and suffered from a constant pain. During the prayer the pain has gone, and the leg was stretched out for a few centimeters!Alexander for more than 10 years had back pain, he could not bend down. Now he can do it easily!"God's healing power is here! And it changes your life!"The Holy Spirit descends with His power upon the thirsty peopleThis book Pastor Henry has written especially for those who just repent. It was a free gift for each of these peopleDozens of people accept Jesus Christ as their Saviour! Glory to Jesus!An altar call"God has a way out of any crisis!" - the evening preachingPastor Henry introduces the pastors of Kropyvnytskiy to the residents of this city.Pastor Henry introduces the pastors of Kropyvnytskiy to the residents of this city."Lord, bless this service in the Name of Jesus!"Praise the Lord with joy and freedom!"When God's hand is upon you, nothing can defeat you!"The power of God is pouring out of the heavenly throne, like rain.Pastor Henry Madava was preaching about the God's hand upon our livesMorning service for pastors and leaders

The meeting started off with praising God. Attendees shouted with joy of the Holy Spirit.

—  If you want to hear the noise about Jesus in your city, then you need to make that noise yourself! –singers inspired people in the hall. –Tell everyone that Jesus is the King!  

Following the praise and worship Pastor Henry Madava began his sermon about the hand of God. 

—  When the hand of God is at your side, then nothing and no-one will be able to overcome you!  

Pastor Henry also emphasized the importance of unity among the ministers.  

—  Pastors, be friendly, love each other, extend a helping hand to each other, for we are the one family of God!  

Also Pastor shared about various periods of his life and how God protected and delivered him in various circumstances.   

At the end of the meeting Pastor Henry prayed for transfer of the anointing for acceleration and extension of the mnistries.

The fire of the Holy Spirit came upon peoplesparkling them and renewing them in their walking with the Lord.

— The spiritual rain is falling down right from the throne of God! –prayed Pastor Henry Madava. –God trusts you and He believes that the assignment He commissioned to you shall be accomplished! So now go and complete it! 

- with these words Pastor Henry closed the service.  

At the afternoon The Children’s Planet ministry held very interesting and fascinating program for children.

All the children who attended the program were very excited!

At that time the final meeting of Jesus Festival commenced. Despite the heavy rain that was falling without interruption during the whole day, the auditorium was gradually filled by people. Songs and music were so much lifting that people even started to sing and dance in a ring calling Jesus to that place. And God came in His glory and filled the atmosphere with His precious presence.

—  Expect your miracle right during the sermon! Jesus is here!

–proclaimed Pastor Henry Madava. He preached and said that God is able to remove any crisis and that solution and a true and full recovery can be found in Christ only. People responded to the message and during the altar call many of them came to the platform. Today they received a great gift of salvation and eternal life!  

At the end of the service Pastor Henry prayed for healing and solution of crisis circumstances.

The wave of the Holy Spirit covered the auditorium bringing freedom and performing miracles. People’s lives have been changed after the healing touch of God. Their testimonies are true evidences of the fact!

A lady for 20 years couldn’t bend her ring-fingers. After the prayer she is able to move these fingers freely!

A man suffered from asthma for 14 years, he had to take medicine for 10 times a day! The Lord healed him completely on the first day of the Festival and for more than 24 hours this man can breathe freely, he doesn’t need any medicine anymore.

Another man had hernia and osteochondrosis for two years, but after the prayer he was completely healed!

A woman for 5 years had suffered fromheart hurry, but now her heartbeat is even as it should be.

Praise be to God for all of these miracles!

At the conclusion of the Festival Yuri Demidov, the Pastor of Victory church in Kropyvnytskyi city heartily expressed his gratitude to Pastor Henry for the Festival and for his faithful service to Godand also presented memorable souvenirs.

This Festival would be impossible without prayer and financial support of partners of Christ for All Cities Ministries. We are grateful to our all precious partners for their unfailing support!