The final day of the Festival started from the morning services held in the local churches. The pastors from Ukraine, who came together with the Christ for All Cities team, preached in some of them. Local believers accepted the Word of God with an open heart. It is interesting that in the country with vigorous idolatry the churches are especially hungry for Jesus!

This little boy had never walked in his life! He was lying on the ground. During the preaching, he said to his mother that he would like to walk. He stood up and started walking. God healed him!This Buddhist monk came up on the stage for the only reason - to accept Jesus as his Savior!This young man had a spinal injury, he was hit by a car when he was three years old. He could not walk since that time. Now he can!This man had a problem with muscles in his shoulders, he could not raise his hands for four months. Now he is healed!This man had a cataract, he could not see with the right eye. God healed him!This woman had a spinal injury, she could not walk without a stick. God healed her, and she is free to move now!

The stadium had already been filled with people by the beginning of the evening service. After the previous two days of the Festival, everyone was in hurry to get his miracle. God is not slack concerning the healing - He began to heal people on the field even before the prayer! Pastor Henry Madava preached about the leper whom Jesus healed in response to his request. Every person has a certain “leprosy” in his life: sickness, pain, rejection, poverty, drugs, prostitution, guilt, etc. However, the truth is that we just need to believe that Jesus is able and willing to set us free!

"The leprosy of sin steals joy, freedom, and creativity. It erases the identity of the person and robs his life. God's will and desire is to make you healed and whole today. Jesus is here. He is ready to touch each of you," pastor preached.

To further strengthen the faith of the listeners, pastor Henry told about a woman who came to the Jesus Festival in the city of Korat (Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand) several years ago. She had been deaf since birth. The Lord healed her at the service. Another woman, who was present at the same service, was blind. She was still blind when she went home after the Festival. In her hand she was carrying the New Testament which she received as a gift at the Festival. When she came home, she was very upset and gave it to her grandson. She said: "What is the use of this book if I cannot read?" Nevertheless, when she opened it, the power of God came upon her, and her eyes opened!

After these testimonies, the faith of people increased so that a long queue of people who had received their miracles had formed near the stage by the end of the prayer! They all came to thank God for His goodness. The stiff joints straightened, the blind eyes and deaf ears opened, the paralyzed walked. People threw out their crutches and canes. God healed people from Parkinson's disease, ulcers, diabetes, migraines, and many other diseases. People got spiritual and physical freedom.

The confession of a Buddhist monk was a special miracle. He did not need any healing. He came up on the stage only to accept Jesus as his Savior! This proved once again that all the nations are in need of the Gospel, with no exception!

Glory to God for everything! We thank everyone whose efforts helped the Jesus Festival in Roi Et to take place!

Thank you, partners, for your prayers and donations. Thanks to your faithfulness, nearly 3 000 people accepted Jesus during the Festival! This is a very valuable contribution to the expansion of the Kingdom of God! God bless you for your loyalty and dedication!