The second day began with the morning seminar, where more than 300 pastors and leaders from all the regions of Thailand as well as from Burma, Laos, Cambodia, and Hong Kong could be filled with God's fire.

This woman went hunched for 3 years, and her back straightened during prayer! In addition, one of her ears was deaf, and it opened after the prayer! This man was lying after the operation for 7 years, he couldn't walk, he could only crawl. During the prayer he felt the strength and began to walk!  This woman had arthritis in her legs for 5 years, her daughter brought her to the Festival. Now she can even run! This man could not see with his right eye because of cataracts. Jesus healed him! This man was deaf for three years. God healed his ears!

Pastor Henry Madava, the president and founder of the Christ for All Cities Ministers, taught about unity in the churches and responsibility of each leader and pastor. The keystones of success for all the leaders are to constantly learn and stay in God's word, to develop their leadership skills, to never compare themselves with others, and not to treat people with prejudice. After the seminar, pastor Henry prayed for the people, and God moved with incredible power!

In the meantime, people from different regions of Thailand were on their way to the Festival venue. More than 400 vehicles brought people from three provinces of Thailand: Maha Sarakham, Kalasin, and Roi Et. There were more than thousand people on the stadium since the first minutes of the service, and people eager to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ were coming and coming.  

Worship teams from different provinces of Thailand praised the Lord in the beginning of the evening service.  While they were still singing, pastor Henry went to pray for seriously ill people, who occupied a special area in the stadium. In Thailand, there is a huge number of people struck by different serious diseases because of worshipping to idols, which thrives in this country. However, nothing is impossible for our Lord Jesus Christ, and He has healed many people today!

Pastor Henry preached about the spiritual freedom. He spoke about the destruction of a curse that could come to the life of people because of sin. Everything that brings destruction to a person's life can be abolished by Jesus Christ! Pastor Henry told about the woman who had been suffering from bleeding for 12 years and had spent all her savings on doctors with no result (Mark 5: 25-31). By this example, pastor Henry showed some fairly common situations which bind people from all over the world: incurable diseases, poverty, limitations. The only way that brought freedom to that woman was the faith in Jesus Christ. She had an open heart and a firm decision to touch the Lord. To get freedom and healing today, we just need one touch to Jesus Christ made with faith!

God healed and delivered a lot of people during the prayer! Stiff joints began to move, people regained their ability to walk, hear, and see! God confirmed His Word with signs and wonders!

"Behold, thou shalt call a nation that thou knowest not, and nations that knew not thee shall run unto thee because of the LORD thy God" (Isaiah 55:5)

The word that God spoke to the prophet Isaiah is still meaningful. More than 2,000 people who had never heard of the Lord accepted Jesus as their Savior during these two days!

We thank all the partners who served at the Jesus Festival in Roi Et by their finances. Your contribution helps us to spread the Gospel all over the earth!

God bless you!