Summer Theatre in city park of Chernihiv is full of people. This day in addition to residents of Chernihiv, dwellers of Slavutych, Nizhyn and other towns arrived by buses.

Second service of Jesus Festival was conducted in joyful and festive atmosphere. People praised God together with praise and worship team. Famous Christian singers sang their songs; JC-Dance and Narnia teams performed their dances.

Pastor spoke of God`s visitation.Pastor spoke of God`s visitation.This lady for six years had sciatica and she couldn`t squat for that reason. God healed her.A lady had trauma of her spine and she walked with crutches. God healed her during the prayer and now she   doesn’t need her crutches anymore.Lady had pain in her knees for seven  years and she couldn`t walk without pain. God healed her miraculously and she danced on the stage.Lady had pain in her knees for seven  years and she couldn`t walk without pain. God healed her miraculously and she danced on the stage.Another lady had problems with her hearing and she used a hearing aid from her childhood. After the prayer   she took the hearing aid off and now she can hear without it.A lady came with a cane because she had hip joint destroyed. God healed her and now she can walk freely   without cane.A man had his tendon damaged, moreover he tried to commit suicide. God healed him and gave him desire to   live.

Pastors from Chernihiv prayed for peace in Ukraine. People all over the theater cried out to God for peace, prosperity and spiritual freedom in Ukraine.

When Pastor Henry arrived at the stage the expectation of God`s miracles enhanced in the air. Among attendees many saw what God has done on the first day of the Festival and they trusted God this evening as well.

People were looking for middlemen between God and people. They prayed to sun, moon, trees, animals, fishes... God decided to visit the Earth personally. Jesus Christ is God who visited the Earth in the flesh.

Through the example of a Bible story when Jesus resurrected widow`s son, Pastor Henry showed that God wants to help people and he comes not occasionally, but exactly in that very moment when we need his help.

Many people that night responded to the altar call and reconciled with God. Everyone received as a gift a New Testament and the book of Pastor Henry “Being repentant let us lay foundation” and the list of Christian churches of Chernihiv.

Then Pastor Henry prayed for healing and deliverance of people. He asked to lift one hand to heaven and to put another hand on the sore place in people`s bodies or upon their heart. Pastors and ministers went around in the building and laid their hands on the sick people, as it is commanded in the Bible.

Some people called by phone to their relatives, so that those could listen to the prayer and receive their healing. The power of God touched also those who watched the service through the Internet, listening to the prayer online.

When Pastor Henry asked if someone was healed, many people all over the building put their hands up. God is good and we were witnesses of his grace that evening.

We give God the glory for all miracles he has done!

We thank Jesus Festival team and partners of Christ for All Cities mission for their labor, prayers and offerings. May God bless you and reward you and your families with every good thing!