Christians from Chernihiv attended conference for ministers and leaders from Nizhyn, Slavutych, Anisovo, Semenivka, Shostka and other nearby towns joined them as well

Pastor Henry taught congregation on how to be strong with God. Inner strength and the power of God which acts through believer are required for that. 

People called by God are often persecuted unfairly. You can overcome not when you fight for justice, but because of your inner strength. God will interfere and will make a difference for our sake.

Inner strength is also required to train other people.

You can get inner strength not due to knowledge or education, but when you realize that God is near.

Be bold with God – he is your Father, he loves you and he will not scold you because you freely take what he promised you and prepared for you. Feel yourself at home dwelling in God`s Kingdom.

At the end of the service Pastor Henry prayed for ministers to release their callings and gifts, which God prepared for them. So that zeal, vision, fire, miracles and wonders, desire to build a huge ministry, desire to win city for Christ return into life of ministers. 

At pastor`s meeting which was held after the service, 20 pastors from Chernihiv and other cities were gathered. Pastor Henry thanked pastors for their participation in preparation for the Festival and shared his wisdom and experience answering to pastors` questions. They noted that Jesus Festival in fact united pastors of Chernihiv city.

Believers from local churches gained new experience while participating in city outreach and preparation for Jesus Festival, they gained keen desire to do much more for God, their church and the city.

To God be all the glory!