Grand opening of Jesus Festival in Chernihiv took place. People joyfully praised God with songs and dances together with talented Christian singers from both Kyiv and Chernihiv.

An atmosphere of anticipation of miracles from God has reigned in the theater. Faith of the congregation has grown even more after watching the video about God`s miracles He performed at Jesus Festivals in other cities of Ukraine and also in Thailand, Pakistan, India and other countries.

У 13-и летнего мальчика Давида, с 10-и лет были шишки на пятках. Во время молитвы он почувствовал жжение, после чего боль в ногах ушла и шишки исчезли.Молодой человек плохо видел, особенно в сумерках. Бог коснулся его, и теперь он видит хорошо.У Людмилы 12 лет болели косточки на ногах. Во время молитвы женщина была исцелена. Боль ушла.Оксана три месяца назад поломала ногу. Во время молитвы женщина была исцелена. Боль ушла.Пенсионерка Екатерина Васильевна страдала от сильных болей в ноге и ходила с палочкой. Во время молитвы женщина была исцелена. Боль ушла.У Анны Павловны на протяжении 20 лет болела голова, и она постоянно ходила в платочке. Боль прошла, и женщина была этому очень рада.У Леонида были сильные боли в животе. Врачи сказали, что это опухоль и нужна операция. Во время молитвы боль исчезла и мужчина почувствовал, что исцелен.У Игоря болела спина 6 месяцев и была опухоль на ноге. Опухоль в ноге исчезла и боль прошла.Галина на протяжении 10 лет не могла сгибать колени. Теперь она может приседать. У мужчины 73-х лет прошла одышка и, отекшим ранее ногам, стало легко.

Pastor Henry encouraged people during his sermon, declaring that there is nothing too difficult for God. Some problems are so severe that they can not be solved at earthly level. So many people carry heavy burdens and they don`t know whom they can turn to for help. Jesus Christ calls such fellows:

«Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.» (Mathew 11:28).

It is necessary to repent before God and then you will have someone you can always turn for help when life problems exceed human abilities.

Many people responded to the altar call. They came forward and prayed to God with the prayer of repentance. Everyone got New Testament, the book of Pastor Henry «After repentance let us lay foundation» and the list of Christian churches of Chernihiv.

The time of prayer for healing has come. Pastor Henry prayed for healing, commanded sicknesses to leave in Jesus` name and the whole congregation cried out to God for mercy, they laid their hands on sore places of their bodies and tried to do what they couldn`t do before because of illness.

God confirmed His Word with signs and wonders, people joyfully thanked God having felt that sickness has left, pain disappeared and the freedom has come.

We thank God for his mercy and we give him glory for all miracles he performed!


13-years old David had bumps on his heels since he was 10. He felt burning during the prayer and then pain has left his legs and bumps disappeared as well. Young man had a bad sight especially at half-lights. God touched him and now he sees clearly.

Lyudmila had pain in ossicles in her legs for 12 years. Oxana broke her leg three months ago and Ekaterina Vasel`yevna had suffered from severe pain in her leg and walked with a cane. During the prayer all three ladies were healed.  Pain has left. Anna Pavlovna had headache for 20 years and she always wore kerchief. The pain has left and the lady was very glad about it.

Leonid had severe stomach-ache. Doctors said that it was a tumor and that a surgery is required but during the prayer the pain disappeared and the man felt that he was healed. Igor had a back pain for 6 months and also he had a swelling in his leg. The swelling disappeared and the pain has left.

Lady heard voices for 10 years but after the prayer she finally felt freedom. 

Galina couldn`t bent her knees for 10 years but now she can squat.

Another lady had a bump on her head, which disappeared during the service and the pain has left her knee as well.

73-year old man was healed of breathlessness and edema has boiled over.

Masha had a pain in her knees that`s why she couldn`t sleep at nights, but now the pain has gone and she can run. Tamara was tormented by fear for 10 year but during the service the fear has left. She felt tingling in her chest and then exceptional lightness has come.