A record number of people have gathered on the territory of the YMCA grounds occupying an area of three football fields. People were sitting on chairs, mats, and curbs, they were standing all over the place, so that there were no empty space between the stage and the farthest end of the Festival grounds.

This evening more buses were sent to those areas from which they had come overcrowded in the previous days.

The services were broadcast live on the web with the use of a satellite on all three days.


Before going up on the stage, pastor Henry went to the sector with seriously ill people. Laying his hands on them, he commanded the diseases to go away and declared the healing in the name of Jesus.


Thousands of people responded to the call for the forgiveness of sins and decided to become the followers of Jesus, there were much more such people than in the previous days.Pastor Henry told the audience that they need Jesus Christ. Giving an example, he told about the miracles God performed in different parts of the world during the Jesus Festivals.

Pastor Henry prayed for the sick.

Pastors and ministers of the team went laying hands on the people. The thirst for God was so great that a lot of people surrounded the ministers and asked to lay their hands on them. Many of them fell under the power of the Holy Spirit.


This evening there were so many healings that there was not enough time to listen to all the testimonies. A lot of people got relief from the influence of demonic powers. A woman who had been tormented by demons and could not sleep at night was released on the second day of the Festival. Today she has testified that she could sleep deeply and peacefully for the first time in many years. Many people came on the stage carrying their walkers, sticks, and other tools. God healed them, and they can walk on heir own now.


A boy had asthma for seven years. He used to use a special spray, and his mother carried an oxygen bag with her. The boy was healed during the prayer on the first evening, and he has had no need for any spray or oxygen bag for the past two days.

A woman had diabetes and hepatitis for many years. God healed her on the first day. The woman was examined on the second day, and the doctor said she has been completely healthy. On the third day she came to witness the miracle.

A young woman had had a lump in her breast. The pain came back nine months after the surgery, and the doctors said that she would need the second course of treatment. She was healed during the prayer, and the pain went away completely.

After the service pastor Henry met with the organizing committee. He thanked them for their work and presented memorable gifts. Then pastor Henry addressed to the pastors and asked to do a big work with the follow-up forms and new believers in the coming week, so that no one might be lost.

We thank and praise God for the souls saved as well as for the people delivered and healed.

We thank all our partners and those who made a contribution to the success of this Jesus Festival by their efforts, prayers, and resources.