On September 2 and 3 the Festival of Jesus was held in Odessa. It was organized by “Christ for All Cities” mission together with VictoryChristian church of Odessa (Pastor Sergey Privalov).

On September 2 and 3 the Festival of Jesus was held in Odessa. It was organized by “Christ for All Cities” mission together with Victory Christian church of Odessa (Pastor Sergey Privalov). Ministers of Victory Christian church of Kyiv under the leadership of Pastor Ekaterina Kostyuk went to Odessa 12 days before the beginning of Jesus Festival for evangelism in the city.They shared with their brothers and sisters in Odessatheir experience of witnessing:they served people on the streets of the city, witnessedabout the goodness of our Lord,prayed for healing,deliverance and problem solving. During the evangelism on the streets of Odessa 1500 people repented, among them 563 people left their contacts so that it would be possible to keep in touch with them. People gladly accepted the Good News.

By the beginning of the service the hall was full of people who were hungry for God.Pastor Henry preached simply and understandably in God’s power and wisdom. 150people repented at 2 services.

During and after the prayer for healing many people got healed. Elena was healed from tumor in herchest, the tumor has finally disappeared after the half a year of Elena’s sufferings. Lidia Andreyevna began to move her arms freely, though she couldn’t bend her arms before because of the occupational disease.A bump on the leg of Lesya, which appeared as a result of arthritis,disappeared. Inna gained freedom fromthe pain in liver, which she had as a result of 8 year allergy. Raisa finally felt a desire to live which overcame her 10-year depression that appeared after the death of her son. Elena Ivanovna had been feeling pain in her spine for 10 years and after the prayerthe pain disappeared at once.

Many other miracles wereperformed by God in those days: healing of the small of the back after the accident, healing of lungs, improved sight, healing from mastopathy,freedomfrompain in the spine and in the side of the body,healing from hypertension and healings from many other diseases. God is good and merciful!Most healings were related to legs. About 10 peoplehappily testified about theirprevious problems with arthralgia and about what the Lord has done for them.

The teams from Kyiv and Odessa worked well and smoothly. Evangelizing team, ushers team, praiseand worship team,video operators, a photographer, technical workers, drivers, ministers of helps and trustees - everyone made his or her positive contribution into the success of JesusFestival, serving God and people with all their hearts.