People in the city were opened to the Good News,many accepted Jesus in the hearts, praying a prayer of repentance. There were so many people interested in prayer, that there were simply not enough free handsto lay hands on them; there were so many people who were hungry and ready to hear the Gospel. During the day, each person from evangelization team brought to Jesus Christ from three to fifty-two people. In total, two thousand one hundred and sixty people repented in the city streets.

On October 7 and 8, 2008 in Chernihiv International Mission "Christ for All Cities" together with VictoryChristian church of Chernihiv held Jesus mini-festival.

Two weeks before mini-festival the team of ministers spoke to dwellers about Jesus directly on the streets.  Four days before the Festival in the downtown near McDonald's the tent was installed. People came by themselves with interest and asked their questions.

Advertising about Jesus mini-festival was broadcasted on television and radio, it expanded possibility for each person to get to know about mini Festival.

The local "Victory" church showed hospitality to the Kyivan teamand accepted them at the high level.

In the days of holding Jesus mini-festival, on October 7 and 8, the hall was completely filled by people. There were many unbelievers of all ages. The atmosphere wasfestive. The show ballet "Narnia" and youth dancing ministry of the Kyivan "Victory'' church performed their dances on stage.

With special attention, people listened to the sermon of the pastor Henry, which was simple, but getting into hearts of people. Many responded to the altar call.Every new believer received the gift of the New Testament and the book "Being repentant let us lay the foundation" written by Pastor Henry Madava.  In total during the Festival more than three hundred people repented.

During a prayer for healingGod touched many people with His healing power. Here some testimonies of the people who received healing from the Lord.


1. Valery for five years had a severe pain in his legs, that`s why he walked with a cane. After a repentance prayer, he was completely healed, even before healing prayer.

2. Nikolay Ivanovich for one and a half years had poor eyesight and when he came to the service, faces of people on the scene were seen very badly, everything merged. After a prayer, he was completely healed.

3. Alexander for seven years had severe pains in joints because of polyarthritis, but after the prayer he was healed.

4. Lidiya Ivanovna for a year had problems with legs, it was very difficult for her to bend knees, and doctors couldn't make the exact diagnosis. After a prayer she began to bend them.

5. Svetlana during cold weather always had blue hands, after prayer they were healed, and hands turned pink

6. Ekaterina Ivanovna, had severe pains in the legs for many years because of that it was difficult for her to go upstairs, but after the prayer she was healed and even danced.

7. Anastasia Fyodorovna had a problem with mucous membrane on the left eye, after a prayer problem disappeared.

8. Valentina because of a tumor in the throat got to hospital, and through huge number of pills, the flora in her intestines was destroyed, she could hardly eat. She asked for leave from hospital to come to the service. After a prayer the bitterness in intestines left, and it became much better for her,she was healed.

9. Elizaveta Georgiyevna (of seventy-five years) had a poor eyesight, after a prayer sight improved.

10. Alexander had an obstruction of vessels of legs, it was the reason of that he always had cold feet, after the prayer her feet became warm.

11. Alexander (eighteen years) – since the childhood had stutter and almost could not speak, after a prayer began to speak fluently.

12. The young man had a blood clotunder the right hand, which could be seen, but after a prayer itdisappeared.

13. Anatoly for six years had problems with joints, which were followed by severe pain, after a prayer pain left.

14. Tatyana for a long time had problems with female organs and as a result she had back pain. After a prayer, she was healed.


1. Olga had severe pains in the feet, after a prayer she felt heat and the pain left her.

2. Galina for five years had severe pains in feet and as a result she was walking with a stick. It was difficult for her to walk upstairs. After a prayer the pain left, and she began to walk freely.

3. Elena for ten years had a severe depression and as a result she had strong headaches. The depression was because, she was left by her husband with two children. After a prayer the pain left, and she was relieved.

4. Natalia Vasilyevna for thirty years had a noise in the head as a result sometimes she had blackouts, and also pain in her legs. After the prayer she was completely healed.

5.After the prayerLidiya Vasilyevna was healed of inguinal hernia.

6. Ekaterina Romanovna had knee pains for ten years, but after the prayer she was able to walk much easier.

7. Maria Nikitichna had twenty years a cataract in the eyes as a result she had poor eyesight, after the prayer she could see much better.

Praise the Lord for His wonderful works!