News about the Jesus Festival and God’s power and miracles that took place in Buriram and Surin spread far beyond the boundaries of these provinces. Christian churches of three provinces united their efforts to prepare and hold Jesus Festival in the province of Mahasarakham. On March 1 more than 500 people gathered for the common prayer which united ministers of the region. People witnessed that it was the most massive and powerful prayer in Mahasarakham. Pastors said that after this meeting people became more devoted to the preparation of Jesus Festival.

Work of the team


A pastor from Russia and a minister from USA joined the team of ministers-missioners from the Victory Church. After arriving to Mahasarakham, the team was immediately got involved in the preparation of the Festival. The ministers made a prayer march around the stadium together with the coordination team. After that they agreed upon their actions during the Festival.




In the morning on the day of the Jesus Festival, pastor Henry hold a conference for pastors and ministers. Pastor taught how to create the atmosphere for church to grow. Also, he inspired pastors to minister people through healing the sick and shared the main principles of how to do that with them.




It were several hours before the beginning of the service when people, being hungry for God’s miracles, started to fill the stadium. As much as 80 buses and 228 other vehicles, which were rented by the mission, brought the people to the service. Churches in the neighboring towns also rented buses to bring unbelievers to the service and to come by themselves.


Special tents for sore sick people were set up in the field with places for wheelchairs and bedridden patients. These people were brought to the tents by autorickshaws called “Tuck-tuck.”


The service had begun, but people still arrived and filled the stadium.


Many people who came to the Festival made decision for Jesus during the first day. Each of them was given the Thai Bible, the list of Christian churches in Mahasarakham, and pastor Henry Madava's book “The Foundation of Faith of a Born-Again Believer.”


During the prayer for healing, the Festival team, local ministers, and ushers laid their hands on sick people and ministered them through healing. Many of them came to the platform to testify about miracles that God made with their health.