Ministers of 13 churches participated in the preparatory arrangements and organisation of the Jesus Festival in Kirovohrad. Two interchurch prayer meetings, which were held before the Festival, accommodated over 150 believers. As many as 86 ministers had been involved in the street evangelism for two weeks. During this period of time about 1500 people turned to God with the Prayer of Repentance.

The coming Festival was widely advertised in media: on TV, on the radio, and in a local newspaper. A video screen set up in the city's central square showed a video featuring the Festival. The city's Philharmonic Society and the Kropivnytskyi Theatre provided poster space for billing the Festival. Apart from that, about 1 000 posters were put up on city's billboards and inside buses.

Altogether, 80 ministers from Kyiv's Victory Church went to Kirovohrad. Though living in uncomfortable conditions such as a lack of heating and running hot water and having no sufficient rest, they displayed selfless devotion to their work. Kirovohrad's Christians took active part in the evangelistic campaign, worked in the usher and worship ministries, and joined the prayer efforts. They also helped with the follow-up ministry and other work. The Festival was held in the atmosphere of unity and full mutual understanding between the people.

Services at the Festival

Both on Friday, November 5, and Saturday, November 6, the stalls and the circle in the local Philharmonic Society House were fully occupied. A lot of people arrived a few hours ahead of time to secure seats in the hall. The audience was expectant and anxious for miracles. Tens of people came to testify about healing, mental freedom, and deliverance from various addictions. Some of those who were healed testified that they had been preparing for the Festival's services beforehand. Expectant of the miracle, they resolved to receive their miracle form the Lord, and it happened because of their faith.

The Jesus Festival in Kirovohrad was the first Festival broadcasted in the Internet. God healed people not only in the auditorium. He healed scores of those who watched the event from the Internet or listened to the prayer via mobile phones, the latter being called by their relatives and friends attending the services.

Directly to the Festival out from a hospital!

God made a lot of healing miracles during the Jesus Festival in Kirovohrad. People were released from headaches, heart pain, spine and joint pain, and their sight and hearing were restored.

Elena came to the Festival directly from a hospital. She had a cardiac neurosis, so that she could not make a deep breath. God healed her, and she could breathe freely without any pain in her heart. This was her first day without pills.

Valentina could not move freely. She was diagnosed with arthrosis of hip joint seven years ago, and she got the second-degree disability. After the prayer she could squat easily and go up a staircase. Antonina Vladimirovna had had a second degree disability because of back pain for 11 years. During the prayer the pain left her, and she could bend down easily.

Tatiana could not see without glasses for 10 years. After the prayer she stayed far from the platform. She took her glasses off and could distinguish the faces of the people singing in the choir.

Valentina Alexandrovna had inflammation of a joint in the right knee. She put her cane aside by faith and came to the meeting. She received her healing after the prayer! Lidia Alexandrovna was suffering from headache and spine pain for 25 years. Now she is completely healed. Great and marvelous are Your works, Lord God Almighty!

Overall, at the Jesus Festival more than 250 people converted to God by saying the Prayer of Repentance. Each new Christian was presented with the New Testament and the book "Having The Foundation of Faith of a Born Again Believer" by Pastor Henry Madava and handed a list of Christian churches in Kirovohrad.

Pastors and Leaders

To assist the Festival, pastors of Kirovohrad-based Christian churches did provide their resources and ministers. Moreover, they actively participated in the Festival's services. They laid hands on the sick while Pastor Henry was proclaiming healing and praying on the stage. The services were also attended by leaders from other churches and Ukrainian cities and towns.

At the conference given to the pastors and leaders, Pastor Henry shared the principles of successful ministry. God touched the hearts of the ministers, Pastor Henry praying for and laying hands on them. They asked a lot of questions, sought counsel, and shared the problems that were worrying them.

At the last Festival's service the pastors of churches based in Kirovohrad gave thanks to Pastor Henry and presented him with a keepsake gift.

Events Organised by the Planet D ministry

The Planet D ministry conducted two seminars attended by fourteen children's ministers from seven churches. On Saturday, November 6, the ministry members held two children's services, which saw a turn-out of 200 children and parents. The children were happy to participate in competitions and to watch an instructive play. They learned biblical principals that can empower them to enhance their lives.


We express gratitude and appreciation to the "Christ for All Cities" team who were an essential part of preparing and organising the Jesus Festival in Kirovohrad. We are thankful to the pastors and churches that supported the Festival with their prayers, efforts and resources. We sincerely thank all our partners who are faithful in offerings and prayer. It is owing to your endeavours that the Festival was made a reality and success, a unique event with a difference.

Praise the Lord for all His works!