In the afternoon, all team members of the mission divided into groups and went to preach in 4 churches in Nakhon Ratchasima to spiritually impact the city to the maximum. In every church they were greeted with great hospitality and cordiality. The final evening meeting of the festival differed from the previous by uncommonly strong presence of God and numerous miracles of healing and deliverance. From the very beginning of the meeting the atmosphere at the stadium was filled with joyful expectation of something great from the Lord.

More than 6000 people gathered at the stadium at this time. There were more people than in the previous days.

Once the praise and worship began the whole stadium was filled with the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit. Dance groups of churches were praising the Lord with national dances. A famous Thai actor was praising Jesus together with the worship team. Eventually the praise and worship grew into a spontaneous praise and all the choir began to dance! The pastor, who was leading the worship, changed the repertoire and duration of songs completely, following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. People were praising Jesus with songs and dances with indescribable joy. All people present on the field were captured by it, both passionate and profound worship! It was a real celebration of Jesus Christ!

That evening two famous people—a former member of the parliament in Thailand, who is now an adviser to the Prime Minister and a popular TV presenter, and ex-admiral of the fleet of Thailand—spoke to the assembled audience. Both of them told what Jesus had done in their lives and encouraged people to believe in Christ.

After that the president of the Christ for all Cities mission Henry Madava came up at the platform. He preached the Lord as the God Almighty, for whom nothing is impossible. Just as God gave the promised son to Abraham and Sarah in their old age, so he can give us a way out in any, even the most difficult, situation. After an altar call for those who want to receive Jesus in their hearts, people immediately stood up for the prayer. All those who gave their life to the Lord and filled in the questionnaire were presented with the New Testament and the book by Henry Madava "New Life" in Thai language at the end of the meeting.

Then Henry Madava prayed for the sick to be healed, and the Lord, who is faithful, showed His mercy again. The number of the people who were healed was so great that it was impossible to hear every testimony.

The man was healed - now he can walk without a stick!

The Lord totally healed this young man’s deaf ear. Now he can hear well.

The elderly lady had fallen 6 months ago and hurt her back. Since that time she had pain in her back and could not raise her hands. Tonight Jesus has done a miracle for her!

The girl was born totally deaf - she had never heard a sound. Yesterday she came to the festival for the first time. She gave her life to Jesus and the Lord healed her. Today she came up on stage to tell everyone about this miracle. She also brought a certificate proving her disability. It has been the first time for the last 23 years of her life when she can perceive the beauty of speech, music and other sounds of life! (Photo: Henry Madava checks her ear).

This young woman had poor eyesight for 10 years. But tonight everything has changed and she cannot restrain her joy!

This man was paralyzed since his birth. He could not move on his own. Today he has started his new spiritual, mental and physical life. Glory to Jesus!

This woman had edema of the abdomen 6 months ago. The doctors told her that the reason was in the diseases referred to the blood, liver and other internal organs. Yesterday she came to the festival for the first time. She could not button her shirt because of the edema. But Jesus healed her! Today she is wearing the same shirt to show the evidence of healing.

This man is 75 years old now. He has been suffering pain in his legs since he was 34. Today the pain has gone and it has been the first time he can squat since a long time. His eyesight has also improved!

The women could not straighten her back for 2 years but nothing is impossible for God! She is so happy!

Today’s service, as well as the previous two, was broadcasted on the Internet with simultaneous translation into Russian. Again and again the Christ for all Cities mission was receiving testimonies from people. They were telling how they were healed by Jesus, while watching the previous service in the air.

Online broadcasts of the festival is a new step for the Christ for all Cities mission, and all its members will expend effort to continue to provide an opportunity for people worldwide to hear the Good News about Jesus Christ and see what miracles He does, confirming His glorious Gospel!

When the meetings were over, Henry Madava met with the organizers of the festival again. He encouraged them to keep unity and be an example for all pastors in Thailand as well as to manage time wisely after the festival for preaching of the Gospel and the growth of local churches.

He then presented the organizers with souvenirs. The latter, in turn, thanked Henry Madava and the whole mission team for coming to Thailand and handed over small gifts to all the participants of the festival, so that they could remember their country.