This morning Pastor Henry Madava held another seminar for pastors, leaders and ministers of Thailand. Christians from Nakhon Ratchasima province, Bangkok, Maha Sarakham, Pattaya and other cities of the southern region of the country were gathered there. He sincerely thanked each pastor and each member of the organizing committee of the festival for their sacrificial involvement.

Then Henry Madava taught on the subject: “Qualities of the Champion in God’s Kingdom”. He gave an example of Joseph, son of Jacob, who was sold by his brothers to Egypt but in spite of all difficulties, he remained faithful to God.  Pastor Henry emphasized that main key to championship is God’s presence in person’s life, as it says “the Lord was with Joseph”.

Afterwards he prayed so that God’s presence remained in the lives of all those present, laying hands on each one of them.

At the evening the second service of the festival began.

210 buses run from all over the province to deliver people to the festival. More than 3000 people were gathered on the field that night. More than a half of them were not present there the day before, so they came to the festival for the first time.

The atmosphere of the festival was very welcoming, joyful and favourable, just like the first day.

Well-known in Thailand business lady testified that the Lord has changed her life and delivered her husband from gambling addiction. Now they both serve God together and her husband even became a pastor.

That night Henry Madava, president of Christ for all Cities mission preached and said that Jesus gives the way out even in the most desperate circumstances. He can fill your every need, and He is the answer to any difficult life situation. Just like he raised the widow` son from the dead in the village of Nain, he can solve any problem, even the most difficult one! (Luke 7)

After the sermon Henry Madava made an altar call for those who want to receive Jesus in their hearts, many people responded to that call. About 600 of them filled an application form of newly converted Christian.

Afterwards Henry Madava prayed for healing the sick. Believers laid their hands on sick people who came to the festival, and the Lord has made a lot of very exciting healings.

This man doesn’t need his stick any longer, he can walk without it!

The woman cannot suppress her joy. Her legs are healthy again!

God has restored this man’s hearing. He needs not a hearing aid any more!

Five days ago this girl has damaged her eye. Edema was formed around the eye, and it was bandaged since then. However, today during the prayer for healing, edema has miraculously disappeared, and she can see well again. Her father is standing on the right.

The Lord has healed this woman’s back.

She demonstrates the way she had come to the festival being bent, just like the woman described in the Bible.

A young man was injured in the car accident and had to walk on crutches. The Lord has touched him with his healing power, and he will go home on his own healthy feet!

Jesus restored a sight for this blind woman! She is no longer disabled! Now she can live a full life!

This woman could not lift her right hand for five months due to severe pain. Today Jesus healed her!

This woman has had watery eyes for six years. Now she is healthy and does not suppress her joy.

Three years ago this woman began to lose her sight due to the high blood pressure. Yesterday during the prayer her sight began to recover, and today she sees as good as in her youth!

Sore knee is healed! Finally, this man can walk without pain!

Ligaments in this man’s hand had been damaged for the past two years, and he could not lift his left arm after he had tried to lift a bag of rice. Now his arm is completely well!

Six years ago this young man decided to test his bike and speed it up to 260 km / hour. He had lost control, had an accident and laid paralyzed for six years. Today Jesus gave him a second chance to live a full life!

The Lord healed the man whose eyesight deteriorated for 10 years.

It was a real Night of Miracles! Jesus has confirmed the preaching of the Gospel by miracles of healings just as he had promised to his disciples.

This service was broadcasted live online on the Victory church website with Russian voice over. That’s why it was seen by many people from all parts of the world. After the broadcasting, they start to contact Christ for all Cities mission testifying that God’s healing power has touched them, and they got well as well. Truly, our God is Omnipresent and Almighty!