The morning began with an hour-and-a-half prayer for the success of the Festival. Then Henry Madava, the President of the mission Christ for All Cities, held a seminar for 500 pastors and church leaders of Thailand. During the first part of the seminar, Henry Madava taught about the qualities necessary for the rapid advance of ministers in 2011. The second part was devoted to the questions how one can bring a new standpoint to the church in practice and create an atmosphere for qualitative growth and quantitative multiplication of ministers. Henry Madava inspired the gathered Christians to take the Gospel throughout the country and beyond its borders to the neighboring countries: Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, China, Korea.

 At the end of the seminar Henry Madava and all the attendants prayed fervently for raising the ministers in Thailand, God's fire on all the members of the churches, their progress in God's work, and the revival among the youth. Then it was declared that Thailand is the land of awakening!

The first service of the Jesus Festival in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima took place in the evening.

More than 250 buses brought people to the meeting place. Others have traveled by private cars and motorcycles tuk-tuk or just came on foot. More than 4500 people gathered on the field that evening.

Ushers gladly welcomed all the attendants and waved green flags before them as a greeting sign that means "Welcome!" in the Thai culture.

Seriously ill people were transported from the entrance of the stadium to a special tent on motorcycles tuk-tuk.

Thanks to the efforts of all the volunteers, the atmosphere in the stadium was very warm and friendly during the whole evening.

The meeting was opened by the governor of the province, who noted that Nakhon Ratchasima with a 2.5 million population accounts for 5000 Christians only. He stressed that the believers of all religions have equal rights in Thailand and inspired Christians to continue to work for the growth of churches.

Musicians and dancers from different churches praised the Lord in a traditional Thai style.

Once the service began, the clouds dissipated, and the sky has finally become clear. One could see the moon and the stars! It was Lord's answer to the prayers for good weather and success of the Festival, despite the weather forecasts of storms and thunderstorms.

After worshiping the Lord, Henry Madava, the President of the mission Christ for All Cities, preached on the credible testimony of Apostle Peter about Jesus. Apostle Peter was a witness of what Jesus performed doing good and healing all the people. Multitudes responded on the call to repentance. As many as 1 133 people left their contact details, so that they can be contacted after the Festival.

Then Henry Madava prayed for the healing of the sick. At the same time Thai ministers and the members of the Ukrainian team laid their hands on the sick and also prayed for their healing. And the Lord did many miracles! The healed people walked up on stage to tell about what Jesus did for them during the prayer. In this Evening of Miracles, the eyes of many people were healed, lame began to walk, crouched backs were straightened, and deaf ears were opened!

Listening to the testimonies of the healed people, all present at the stadium were filled with joy and strengthened in their faith in Lord Jesus.

Upon leaving the field, every person who turned to Jesus and left his contact information was given the New Testament and Henry Madava's book "New Life" in Thai language as a gift.

The entire service was broadcasted live on the web at the Kiev Victory Church website. So, the influence of the Festival of Jesus spread far beyond the limits of the field in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

Henry Madava, the President of the mission Christ for All Cities, thanks the Lord and all the partners of the mission for their prayers and financial donations for the Festival. Without their sacrificial contribution the Festival would have been impossible.