The 4th Festival of Jesus in Thailand organized by the mission Christ for All Cities is being held in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat) located in the province with the same name. This is the largest province of Thailand.

This festival is the most massive evangelism campaign in this province over the country's history. All the Christians who live here have united to hold the festival. The organization of the festival involves 30 churches of all denominations.

Since Thailand is the largest Buddhist country, the success of the festival requires serious prayer. So, local believers have been praying for this event since July 2010. The local prayer meetings for the festival took place every week. There were also monthly joint prayers that have been held since December 2010. The last such prayer was attended by 500 people!

The organizing committee began to work on planning and preparation of the festival on October 8, 2010. The believers from Thailand have done a great job since that time.

As many as 600 people from local churches and churches from Bangkok and Mahasarakam have volunteered to serve in the usher group. All of them were trained to serve with maximum efficiency, and they exercised themselves several times.

The festival will be attended by the former Prime Minister of Thailand and the incumbent Mayor of the city. Prominent businessmen, a former fleet commander of Thailand, and a popular country singer will testify about the miracles made by the Lord.

To bring the Gospel to people, believers have prepared a lot of performances in the traditional style.

Much attention in the organization of the festival was devoted to its advertising. As many as 300 banners were deployed in the city, and 20 000 invitation brochures were distributed among the people. Believers placed special stickers inviting to the festival on their cars. Local cable television broadcasted a video that showed some miracles that had happened on previous festivals and invited people to the "Evening of Miracles" on this festival. Several dozens of radio stations have informed the residents of the province about the coming event long before the festival.

To spread the Gospel throughout the province to the maximum, the organizers rented buses to transport the people who wanted to get to the festival from surrounding towns within a radius of 100 km. In total there were 7 buses with a capacity of 68-70 people, 41 bus with 40 seats, and about 400 minibuses with a capacity of 10 people. Another 40 buses will deliver people from neighboring provinces.

Thus, as many as 8 to 9 thousand people from nearby towns will be brought to the meetings every day so that they could have an opportunity to hear the Gospel, to turn to Christ, and to accept His forgiveness and healing!

March 16, 2011

>Henry Madava, the President of the mission Christ for All Cities, held a healing meeting in one of the largest churches of Bangkok. On the same day the mission team arrived in the city of Nakhon Ratchasima. Besides the President of the mission, the team included 13 people from Ukraine and one person from the United States. Thailand met the delegation with a cold windy weather and a sky covered with clouds, which was unusual for this time of the year.

March 17, 2011

The mission team began the morning with a prayer for the festival, good weather, and the country of Thailand. Then they met with the representatives of the organizing committee. The meeting took place in the office of the church "Hope for Nakhon Ratchasima." The team was met very warmly and friendly. The organizers told about the work they had done.

Then all went together to the field where the festival had to be held to clarify some organization issues on the site.

Three pastors from the Victory Church in Kiev, who had come as the servants of the mission team, went across the field praying for God's help and protection on the festival.

On the same place Henry Madava, the President of the mission Christ for All Cities, addressed to the organizers of the festival and thanked them for their work. Then all prayed together and dedicated the meeting place and everything related to the festival to the Lord.