Sunday, May 15, 2011. Final day of Jesus Festival in Hyderabad, India. This morning Pastor Henry Madava and Christ for all Cities mission team preached in six local churches. Pastor Henry and other speakers prepared a special message for each church. Pastor Henry’s message was on how Christian can be a tool in God’s hands; about invariability of God’s calling and about principles of following Jesus.

Pastor Henry and all team members were warmly welcomed in all churches. People were grateful for their service and their message.

At the beginning of the evening service Pastor Henry greeted and thanked members of the organizing committee of the Festival. He expressed his gratitude to each pastor from India who were involved in preparation for the crusade. Then Pastor Henry invited to the platform Christ for all Cities mission team and presented each person. Then he emphasized that the most important participant of this Festival is Jesus Christ.

Before the sermon Pastor Henry invited to the platform those who were healed on that service so far so that they could give their testimony.

Here is one of those testimonies: a woman came to the service with a severe pain in her back, She had this pain for 6 month and God healed her before the sermon.

The message was about faith. So often people believe some man made ideas and follow them. But the only teaching that can give a real freedom and life is a teaching of Jesus Christ. Jesus rose from the dead and he is alive. Some people who testified about their healing said that they felt the power of God like electricity. But in fact the power of God is much more powerful than electricity. By this power Jesus healed Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46). This power functions today for all those who only believe and allow God to act by His power in their lives.

At the end of the service Pastor Henry prayed for the healing and team members laid their hands on attendee during the prayer. God is always faithful to His word and that night just like at any other days of the festival many people got healed and delivered.

Some testimonies:

A women was demon possessed for the last five months. When she responded to the altar call to pray the prayer of repentance the demon start to manifest himself. Team members have prayed for her and she got delivered.

Nine months ago a young lady (a student of the medical college) got to car accident. One of her bones was broken apart. Doctors made a surgery and put a metal stick in her body. After the surgery she could barely walk and couldn’t put her left leg up. God made a miracle and healed her.

A deaf and dumb man was passing by the festival venue in the bus. When he saw the light on the field he start to hear. Pastor Henry has prayed for him on the platform and thanked God for this miracle that God performed and continues to do in that man.

After the service Pastor Henry Madava invited all team members of the Christ for all Cities mission to the meeting, where he thanked and encouraged everyone and said that a grand seed of God’s glory has been sown in India through this festival and the tremendous harvest is to follow. Then Pastor Henry had a meeting with all members of organizing committee of Jesus Festival. He expressed his gratitude and presented them gifts brought from Ukraine.

Thus the first Jesus Festival of the Christ for all Cities mission in India has come to an end. All the team thanked God in their prayer for everything he has done during the Festival.