Sarurday, May 14, 2011. This morning has become a real celebration for more than three hundred Indian children. "Planet D" that is children`s minisry of Victory church has prepared cheerful and cognitive program with contests, games, sketchs and tricks. It was very noisy and joyful time. Children actively participated in the program. Children understand the language of the game the best of all, that`s why Good News about Jesus Christ was delivered to them this way today.

Children gladly responded to the call to pray the prayer of repentance. And of course no one was left without a prize. At the end of the service each child received as a present a book about the sacrifice of Jesus adapted for children. Most of the Christ for all cities international mission team members were involved in this production and they also`ve got a lot of positive emotions, and some of them also served with their talents.

Evening service where pastor Henry Madava preached was special, Lord had started to heal people before prayer for healing has began. Pastor Henry said that Jesus eagerly wants to solve people`s problem and He is the One Who heals. All of those who sick ought to expect their healing, cause if the person is passive he can lose his miracle, but we ought to be receivers.

The message of pastor Henry`s sermon was that Jesus wants to do for each person the same what he did for the leper and for centurion`s servant (Mathew 8). Jesus heals today, because when Jesus was on the Earth He healed, and that`s was the fulfilment of the prophetic word of the prophet Isaiah. Some people have such a problem that though Jesus has healed them they are still in the same state as before the healing. Pastor Henry illustrated it on the platform, showing that one ought to straighten, when Jesus took the burden off.

Those who were healed before the prayer for healing were invited to the platform to give their testimonies.

This lady even didn`t know about Jesus Festival, she just passed by together with her husband. When they saw and heard it they`ve got interested and went to the meeting, in spite of the fact they were not Christians. God touched her and healed her from the lasting pain in her stomach.

Then pastor Henry called sick people who expect their miracle today and he start to pray for their healing both from the stage and laying hands on each one of those who came to the altar. God has delivered many people who expected their healing from their sicknesses.

Some testimonies:

This lady for five years couldn`t put her hands up over the shoulders. This night for the first time she was able to put her hands high. God healed her.

Ten years ago this man got into car accident as a result he had intense pain in the right knee so that he even brought anaesthetic medicine to the service. During the prayer the pain has completely gone.

Two years ago this man has got an electric shock and he had pain in his back afterwards. Today God has healed him completely. During the prayer he felt like electricity went through his body but this time it was healing power of the Holy Spirit.

This young man for three years has suffered from allergy on his body, followed with a constant pain. This night God healed him as well.

For two years this lady`s ear was completely deaf. Today she`s got healed.

At the end of the service pastor Henry invited Christ for all cities mission team to pray for all attendees. Also pastor Henry noted that he came to India with the team because they fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ: «... Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation … they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover». We are grateful to God for His assistance and that He is faithful to His word!