India. It is another country, another area being won to the Lord according to the vision of the international mission Christ for All Cities, whose president Henry Madava is the senior pastor of the Victory Church in Kiev.

On Tuesday, May 10, the team met almost in its full complement for the first time. Ministers arrived from Ukraine, Russia, and United States. Already on the flight everybody felt the prayer support of the partners of the Christ for All Cities mission and Christians from the Victory Churches. The team members who had arrived earlier confirmed that there were manifestations of God's assistance in all the affairs, meetings, and negotiations needed to organize the Festival of Jesus in Hyderabad.

Upon arrival at the hotel the entire team gathered for prayer and the first joint planning meeting, at which some details of interaction with local ministers were specified. Then the team went to the field where the Festival will take place to see the venue and determine the amount of work in the coming days. The whole team walked around the field in unity and harmony with prayer proclaiming the Word of God, binding and breaking demonic forces, and claiming the victory of Jesus Christ and winning of souls for the Lord.

On the way to the field the team saw a colorful feature of the local life showing how strongly people in this region of the world need the Lord. There were sorcerers sitting right on the sidewalk (three sorcerers on 200-m area), and several well-dressed young people addressed to them for the so-called help.

During the day there were scheduled meetings with representatives of the local organizing committee, representatives of the company providing TV filming and live broadcasts of the upcoming Festival. The ministers of children's mission Planet D met with their Indian counterpart.

The evening planning session began with a pleasant moment: congratulations on the occasion of birthday of one of the team members. A summary of the past day was made, and a plan for the next day was worked out. This day ended with joint team prayer expressing great gratitude to God for everything He does in India.

Wednesday, May 11. For one member of the team this day started at five o'clock in the morning because the mother of one of the officials of the Indian province of Andhra Pradesh needed a prayer for healing. Early in the morning the members of both teams (international mission Christ for All Cities and the Indian team) started to perform their duties on the preparation of the Festival.

The team also tested the equipment needed to provide live daily evening broadcasts of the Festival from May 12th to 15th.

The beginning of the day was marked by a very pleasant moment. Planet D, the children's ministry of the Victory Church, could justly be called international because they conducted their first international seminar for the people ministering children in the city of Hyderabad. The seminar was attended by more than 70 people including pastors and ministry leaders. Dmitriy Drobina, the leader of the Planet D ministry at the Victory Church in Kiev, taught about how important it is to serve children from Christian families as well as children from families of unbelieving parents. After the teaching there was also a practical part of the seminar with games, songs, and dances, in which all the listeners took participation.

In the evening the team of the international mission Christ for All Cities met with members of the organizing committee of the Festival and the Indian team in the field. More than forty people were present from the Indian side, including leaders of associations of churches as well as pastors and ministry leaders of local churches. Both teams came together for acquaintance and prayer. After worshiping the Lord in unity and agreement everyone prayed for the manifestation of God's glory during the Festival, for the revival in India, for the salvation of men, for God's healing and deliverance, and for the unity between the teams.

The day has traditionally ended with prayer, summary, and planning for the next day.