In the morning pastor Henry held Sunday service in one of the local churches. In the message «You are creator of your own history» he mentioned that every one of us having good relationship with God can see invisible and create non-existent.

Pastors and ministers of Christ for all Cities International Mission also preached and prayed in three other churches of the province. They shared their testimonies, encouraged people to keep on sharing the Gospel and to expand the Kingdom of God in Thailand.

With great delight team observed a great multitude of people attended the Festival on the last day thereof. They all heard about God`s glory and healing miracles performed previous days. People were brought from different parts of the province by busses, microbuses, pickups and tuck-tucks – local means of transportation. More than 90 various vehicles operated every day of the Festival delivering people to the event.

Sosapon Gamfaharot, the head of Administration of the local district Takham greeted all attendees at the beginning of the conclusive service of Jesus Festival in Surat Thani.

Afterwards the entire congregation praised the Lord. It should be noted that during three days of the event various dance teams, musicians and Christian groups praised the Lord on the Festival.

Before the sermon pastor Henry expressed his gratitude to all Thai committee supported arranging Jesus Festival in Surat Thani province, to all officials who granted permission for the event, to the team of ministers from Bangkok, Khorat, Russia, USA and Ukraine who actively participated in the event.

That night pastor Henry preached and said that people’s actions bring their miracles, when they begin to do what they couldn’t do previously, before they see their miracle happened. Based on the 9th chapter of the Gospel of Mathew pastor said that at first God heals paralysis of the person’s soul and then he heals the paralysis of the person’s body.

Truly, God is merciful, thousands of attendees turned to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and great multitude of people received their healing from God.

During three days of Jesus Festival more than 2000 application forms of new converted Christians were handled to pastors of Thailand so that they could invite those people to their local churches.

People who invited Jesus Christ into their life received the New Testament and the book of pastor Henry “Being repentant laying foundation” on Thai language.

That night God performed special miracle – healing of three deaf and dumb children.

A lady testified from the platform saying that before that day she was a Buddhist and worshiped Buddha, but when she heard about the Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, she turned to Him and Jesus Christ healed her knees which troubled her for a long time.

God healed that lady’s knees on the first day of the Festival, but she went to the platform to testify about the miracle only on the third day to make sure she can walk properly by herself.

Many people received their miracles of healing from God.

Dear partners thank you for your participation in this tremendous event which changes people’s lives and the history of Asian countries forever. Without financial and prayer support of partners of Christ for all Cities International Mission many people of Thailand couldn’t hear the Good News about the redeeming Sacrifice of Jesus Christ and couldn’t receive their healing.

Again and again we thank God for His presence with us and for everything He performed during these days of Jesus Festival in Surat Thani.