In the morning pastor Henry held another seminar for pastors and leaders of local churches of the province. The message was about the importance of keeping their vision and also to make sure their calling will be fulfilled and necessity to believe in it no matter what.

Service was concluded by prayer of pastor Henry and declaring the anointing for spreading the Gospel and the Kingdom of God expansion all over the Asia. 

Along with pastor Henry` seminar Jesus Festival for children was held. In one of the parks of the province all the team of Christ for all Cities International Mission held an outreach for children of Surat Thani.

It was the first children’s Jesus Festival in Thailand. In spite of 40C heat boys and girls showed their lively interest in the program. They actively participated in games and praised God with their songs and dances.

They joyfully responded to everything happening on the platform, they rejoiced, clapped their hands and very attentively listened to the sermon represented as a mini-performance. Ministers narrated children and their parents about Jesus Christ and His redeeming Sacrifice. It is obvious religious beliefs in Thailand distinctively differ from the Good News which attendees perceived by watching and understanding the performance.

At the end of the program children prayed the prayer of repentance along with Dmitry Drobina, the head of Children’s Planet Ministry. Each kid received a gift of candies and a colorful Good News book in understandable for children manner.

Evening service of the Festival started with the greeting of Montri Pitikuma, the head of the local self-government of Surat Thani province. Later he joined all attendees in praise and worshipping the Lord.

That night even more gravely ill people were brought. They arrived by busses from the entire province. Before the sermon pastor Henry prayed for them with laying his hands.

During the sermon pastor told about one of the days from the life of Jesus Christ according to book of Luke, chapters 8 and 23. Pastor Henry said that Jesus Christ by His power can cancel any storm in people’s lives. The same way like Jesus` disciples did, people can call to the Lord calling Him their Master and they can receive their miracle from the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.

A great number of people responded to the altar call turning their lives to Jesus. 625 of them filled application forms of the new converted Christian.

Many people in fact received their miracle when they called upon the name of the Lord.

For 8 months this man was partially paralyzed after the stroke. During the service he received healing of the right side of his body.

For 7 years this lady couldn’t`t walk and used wheelchair. God has touched her by His healing power and now she can walk by herself.

Right side of this 12-year old girl was paralyzed from her birth. She received her miracle from the Lord and now she can do what she couldn’t do before.

For 5 years this man couldn’t hear by his right year. God has opened up his ear and now he can hear.

God performed many other miracles of healing that night.

The team of Christ for all Cities International Mission was very impressed by the miracles God has performed during that day. Praise to be to our Lord Jesus Christ!