The Festival of Jesus, which has been held annually in Thailand for the last five years, was opened on March 23, 2012. A pastor of the largest church in the city compared the Festival of Jesus Christ with a tractor that prepares the ground and removes obstacles, so that the church may go together after the festival and gather a large harvest of souls saved for the kingdom of God.

In the morning the President of the International Mission "Christ for All Cities" Henry Madava held a seminar for pastors and leaders of local churches. Pastor Henry taught on the topic "How to remove limitations in the ministry."

Pastor Henry used the examples of the apostle Peter and Gideon to illustrate that fear, people opinion, and negative experience are the main limiting factors in personal and church growth. In particular, he noted that often the demonic oppression limits the development of the church. During the sermon the listeners have learned about the methods of removing these limitations. In his speech pastor Henry affirmed that God puts power in His ministers so that they can achieve God's calling.

At the end of the seminar pastor Henry prayed for the fire of revival to come on pastors, ministers, and their churches as well as for big plans and callings to come true in their lives.

The first evening of the Festival was officially opened by Chalorsak Vanicharoen, the deputy governor of Surat Thani Province, who welcomed everyone and noted the importance of this event. Then everyone praised God with songs and dances.

The service was continued by pastor Henry's preaching on the topic "Father's Joy." Pastor Henry said that Heavenly Father has a desire to bless all the people. If people have problems, they need to run to Jesus Christ, and He will restore everything that was stolen by the devil: peace, joy, salvation, health. After the sermon pastor Henry invited people to accept Jesus Christ in their hearts as the personal Lord and Savior. Most of the listeners enthusiastically prayed this prayer. As much as 585 people out of them left their data in special questionnaires. God did miracles that night giving healing to people.

A lot of people who came to the festival of Jesus Christ really got their miracle that day. One of those who came on the stage was an 18-year girl who had never spoken in her life. She said her first words this evening.

Another girl, who could not walk and used a wheelchair for a long time, came to praise God as well. God did a miracle in her life, and she could walk by her own.

Several men were healed from leg problems and raced with pastor Henry on the stage.

God also made a lot of miracles in the lives of other people.

Thanks to the support of the partners of the International Mission "Christ for All Cities," many people in Surat Thani heard about Jesus Christ and received their miracles.

And, of course, we praise and glorify our Lord Jesus Christ for everything that happened.