On March 22, the full team of the International Mission "Christ for All Cities" gathered together in the province of Surat Thani, Thailand, for the annual Festival of Jesus, which takes place in this country for the fifth time. The ministers of the mission "Christ for All Cities" held a joint meeting with the representatives of the Thai Committee that have been involved in the preparation and organization of this Festival of Jesus.

The participants elaborated an action plan for the coming days to make the Festival successful. Noteworthy is that 33 local churches of the province joined the mission "Christ for All Cities" for the participation in all the arrangements. As the final stage of preparations for the inauguration of the Festival of Jesus on March 23, 2012, all the ministers met at the stadium where the Festival will be held. There they coordinated all the points in regard to the forthcoming meetings.

Also, the ministers of the international ministry "Planet of Kids" have hold a workshop in one of the local churches today. The main objective of the seminar was not only to inspire but also to teach the ministers to use the resources they already have to preach the Word of God and to organize children's programs that take place on the street.

The seminar was attended by about 50 ministers from various cities of Thailand. Noteworthy is that the atmosphere at the seminar was friendly, and everyone eagerly joined in the learning process.

The team of "Planet of Kids" was pleasantly surprised by the fact that the workshop was attended by adult men and teenagers who were ready to actively serve the children of Thailand. Many Thai ministers thanked for important practical advices they had heard at the seminar and invited the team to hold similar meetings in their cities. The leader of the ministry Dmitry Drobina prayed for the anointing and boldness to preach the Gospel to children outside the church.