The city of Surat Thani in Thailand will host the Festival of Jesus from March 23 to 25, 2012. This is the fifth festival which is held in Thailand. A part of the Kiev team from the Victory Church arrived in Bangkok several days before the festival. The team included ministers from the Sunday school "Planet D" (Planet of Kids).

On March 20, they held a seminar entitled "How to organize a Sunday school on the street." The main purpose of the seminar was to encourage the ministers from Thailand to go beyond the church building and to preach the Word of God to children. Another purpose was to show that the ministry to children can be one of the keys to the multiplication and growth of the church.

In addition to the inspiring part, the ministers of Planet D shared their experience and interesting stories. They told about basic principles of producing exciting programs for children and preparing interesting and dynamic lessons. There was a practical session in addition to theory, and the attendees could participate in the session. They learned to play games, to follow the rules, and to glorify God in children songs. They also learned to make tricks from simple and ordinary things and to show illustrated examples to children.

The seminar was attended by about 50 ministers from different churches of Bangkok and nearby cities. Even the interpreter, who is pastoring a church in Thailand, was so inspired by the work of Planet D from Kiev that she decided to teach about the street Sunday school in her church. The Thai ministers listened attentively, participated actively in the seminar, and asked their questions. At the end of the seminar the leader of the Planet D ministry Dmitry Drobina prayed for the anointing to preach the Gospel to children, for God's assistance and creativity in the organization of Sunday schools for the children whose parents are unbelievers. The Thai ministers thanked for the seminar and prayed for the Sunday school "Planet of Kids."

On March 21, pastor Henry Madava will be ministering in one of the local churches in Bangkok. The meeting will be held under the name "An Evening of Wonders," and pastor Henry will be preaching for the ministers from the Dzheyzerman church and ministers from many other churches in Bangkok. He will pray for the healing of sick and impartation of the healing anointing.